Transferring Your Credits

Transferring credits can vary at each university depending on their arrangements with CAPA. We strongly recommend that you chat with your CAPA Program Manager to find out your specific situation, but here are the three general steps:

1. Meet with your registrar or academic advisor  

Before the end of your time abroad, you will need to locate and fill out the paperwork required to ensure that your courses will transfer back to your home campus.

If your school requires an official transcript for your study abroad grades, be certain to fill out the CAPA School of Record forms. Your CAPA advisor will send these to you upon request and can help you with any questions you might have. Some locations, like Shanghai and Dublin, may extend the period before receiving grades due to local university timelines.

2. Go Abroad!  

If you need to make changes to your schedule when you arrive at your host school you can do so during the first week of classes. Your main responsibility is to attend your classes and have a great experience abroad!

3. Receive your grades  

Your final grades will be sent to your home campus 4 to 12 weeks after your classes end, depending on your location. If you find you need additional transcripts, please contact CAPA.