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Study abroad in London in-country, online, or both! 

This immersive study abroad program gives insight into the significant ways in which London has been imagined, invented, and transformed by globalization.

Choose from multiple options for online and in-country study abroad and internship programs through CAPA’s Flexible Choice blocks that offer 4, 8, or 12 weeks in-country, plus a fully online option.

Take courses in marketing, global supply chain, politics, culture, writing, and more. All CAPA London classes are offered simultaneously in online and in-person formats, so your coursework remains consistent throughout the semester. Plus, you can further enhance your semester with courses online from Florence and Sydney for a transnational study abroad experience.

Earn 3 credits per course, and earn 3 or 6 credits with a global internship.

Start: September 18, 2020
End: December 11, 2020
Program Fee: Based on the number of weeks in London. See the Flexible Choice Experience section for details.
Application Deadline July 18, 2020
All prices, dates, and deadlines are subject to change.

The Flexible Choice London Experience


CAPA understands that the current global environment is uncertain, and so CAPA’s Flexible Choice programming offers multiple program choices, plus the option to change from an in-country program to a fully online global experience up to 7 days prior to departure. All 12 credit programs include an optional 3 or 6 credit internship for no additional fee. 


Flexible Choice Full Semester Options

12 Weeks In-Country, Arrival: September 18 - Departure: December 11. Program Fee (12 Credits): $13,295

12 Weeks Online, Start: September 18 - End: December 11. Program Fee (12 Credits): $3,995


Flexible Choice Block Options

4 Weeks Online, 8 Weeks In-Country

Start: September 18; Arrive In-Country: October 16; Departure: December 11. Program Fee (12 Credits): $10,995


8 Weeks Online, 4 Weeks In-Country

Start: September 18; Arrive In-Country: November 13; Departure: December 11. Program Fee (12 Credits): $8,995


Additional 3-Credit Course: $995 

Global Remote Internship Only (3, 6 and non-credit options): $1,495

CAPA Global Cities Flexible Choice Fall 2020-2


Explore multicultural London with in-country and virtual My Global City events. Plus in-country options of more than 2 weeks feature included excursions outside of London.


Connect with fellow CAPA study abroad students through our Globally Networked Learning environment.


Choose from a range of courses covering a variety of disciplines such as marketing, global supply chain, politics, culture, writing, and more.
CAPAStudyAbroad_Sydney_Spring2018_From Kaitlin O'Brien - Kaitlin sitting at desk at internship


Enhance your experience with an optional internship. Internships are included in the cost of program for students taking a minimum of 12 credits.  Learn More

CAPA London Program Inclusions


CAPA program fees are comprehensive. All programs include tuition, comprehensive program advising and support, orientation, activities, and My Global City events. In-country programs also include excursions, on-site activities, 24/7 emergency support, insurance, and more! 



CAPA’s Flexible Choice Programming Guarantee:

We understand that plans change, and so you have the option to replace the in-country program with a blended or fully online global experience up to 10 days prior to departure for Florence and 7 days prior to departure for London and Sydney and receive refunds for any additional fees or choose instead to cancel your program entirely for a full refund. And, if the CDC or State Department changes the travel advisory levels to 3 or higher while a student is studying in-country, CAPA will refund the in-country portion of any unused fees, but you will still be able to complete your program online.

Courses & Credit

Earn 3 credits per course, plus earn 3 or 6 credits with an optional internship. Credits for in-country programs are issued by the University of Minnesota. Credits for online programs are issued by the State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego.

London Housing

Students in London live in shared apartments. All housing is within commuting distance of the CAPA London Center. Single occupancy rooms in shared apartments are available for a supplemental fee. 

Local Transit Pass

A Zone 1-2 London Underground pass is included for use on the Tube (subway) and buses for students living in apartments. 

In-Country Excursions 

Enjoy a half-day coach tour of London, full-day excursion to Stonehenge and Bath, plus choose one from: a full-day excursion to Oxford, Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Kenilworth Castle, or to Salisbury and Glastonbury. Social events include an arrival tea, midterm dinner, and a farewell ceremony. 

Global Internships

Participate in a part-time internship opportunity and gain valuable skills. Internships are offered at no additional cost for students taking 12 credits. 

My Global City Events & Activities

CAPA's My Global City event calendar offers a wide-range of CAPA-led and self-led virtual and in-country activities throughout the semester. Social events include an arrival reception, a mid-term dinner, and a farewell ceremony. 

Comprehensive, 24/7 Support

CAPA provides comprehensive support services for students to utilize during their time in London. The team is available throughout the duration of the program to assist and support students 24/7 with any emergency situations. Students will also have access to the Guardian study abroad safety app which includes emergency assistance and other support resources.


Insurance & Flexible Choice Guarantee

Change the in-country program to a fully online program up to 7 days before the in-country arrival date and any additional fees paid will be refunded. If the CDC or State Department changes the travel advisory levels to 3 or higher, students can cancel the in-country programming and transfer to on-line only sessions. Students switching to online programming will receive a refund for in-country fees.  If the CDC or State Department changes the travel advisory levels to 3 or higher while a student is studying in-country, CAPA will refund the in-country portion of an unused fees.

Plus, in-country program students receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance.

Safety, Health & Wellness 

CAPA is committed to the health and wellness of our students while they are studying abroad in London. We maintain a comprehensive health and safety plan to ensure a safe and productive learning experience, and we provide a variety of health and wellness tools and resources.


Fall Courses

All courses are available in-country and online. 

20th Century British History  

This course will explore how Britain has responded to political, social, and cultural forces during the 20th century. Students will develop a deeper understanding of life in Britain today by examining such topics as changing perceptions about the role of the state; the decline of empire; the effect of two world wars; economic strategies; the development of multiculturalism; and the role of women, with an emphasis on how the lives of ordinary British people have changed during the last century.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: London, Modernity, Empire, and Globalization  

This course will introduce the impact of globalization on London, one of the world's most significant global cities, in comparative context. Students will examine London’s changing identity as a world city with a particular emphasis on comparing the city's imperial, postcolonial, and transatlantic connections, and the ways in which past and present, local and global intertwine in the capital. Students will combine classroom work with experiential learning, centred on field studies to areas such as Brixton, Spitalfields, Southbank, and the Olympic sites in East London.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Child Development in a British Context  

This course will investigate the aims and principles of developmental psychology as a scientific discipline, and describe the methods used to obtain knowledge about children and their development. Students will explore issues such as children's early attachments, the development of the self, the emergence of consciousness, and the role of play; develop an understanding of the role of education and child care practices and policies in the UK in shaping children's development; and examine childhood from historical, global, socio-cultural, and policy perspectives.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Contemporary British Film  

This course will chart the development of British film from 1994-2012, a period of confidence and success mirrored by a major structural and financial reorganization in the industry. Students will critically analyze key films and how they both emerge from and transform earlier British cinema tradition; develop an understanding of important British genres and film-making tropes; explore the ways in which British films reflect and respond to contemporary social and political conditions and events; and develop an awareness of specific ways in which UK and US film differs.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Creative Connections: Advertising and Marketing in Britain  

This course will explore the topics of advertising and marketing in Britain. Students will develop an understanding of the ways in which advertising is effectively planned to achieve the objectives set in the overall marketing plan, with reference to London as a global center for creative and production excellence; and conduct a comparative analysis of British advertising methods and styles. A complete syllabus will be available soon.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Ethics in the Media  

This course will address principle ethical issues facing journalism, advertising, entertainment media, and online content. Students will examine the moral obligations of the producers as well as the responsibilities borne by consumers; develop an understanding of applicable ethical principles and philosophies; apply these to present day cases in the media through case studies; and critically engage with content in order to analyze ethical issues present in the production and consumption of media on an individual and societal level.



  • Globally Networked Learning
European Government and Politics  

This course will explore the transformation of contemporary Europe by the European Union and competing political visions for the EU’s future. Students will investigate the impact of immigration and attitudes towards migrants, European ‘enlargement’, and the cultural politics of identity; examine Europe’s relationship with others outside the European region, the legacy of conflict between member states, and challenges offered by globalization to contemporary understandings of ‘Europe’; analyze a variety of case studies; and develop an understanding of globalization and the impact of diversity on the social dynamics of an urban environment such as London.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Global Internship Course: London (3 credits)  

The Global Internship Course is designed to be completed alongside an internship placement, allowing students to earn academic credit. Students will attend weekly, discussion-led sessions that include educational support and mentoring in a classroom environment; develop personal and professional skills, learn to contextualize their internship experience socially and culturally, and employ the use of Globally Networked Learning technology to conduct a comparative global analysis with other CAPA students. At times, this analysis will be facilitated through CAPA Masterclasses led by professionals in a diverse range of fields.



Global Workforce Management  

This course will provide students with an integrative framework for understanding the challenges associated with effective workforce management on a global scale. Students will compare international labor markets in terms of labor costs, labor supply, workplace culture, and employment law; and analyze high-profile news events from both developed and emerging economies that illustrate the cultural and regulatory complexities that multinational firms face in such areas as talent management, performance management, offshore outsourcing, downsizing, and industrial relations.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Finance  

This course will explore the topic of international finance and the fact that, in a globally integrated world, it has become imperative to trade, invest, and conduct business operations internationally. Students will analyze opportunities and risks associated with international finance; acquire knowledge of theoretical concepts of finance and their adaptation to the international context; develop an understanding of historical perspectives and foundations of international finance, foreign exchange markets, exposure management, and financial management of a multinational firm; and investigate the impact of current economic and political developments on international finance.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Marketing  

This course will explore terms, concepts, and theories of marketing in the international context, as well as its scope and challenges. Students will examine the ways in which global dimensions technology, research, capital, investment, and production impact marketing, distribution, and communication networks; gain insight into the increasingly interdependent global economic and physical environment and its impact on international marketing; analyze current international marketing issues and their implications; and develop an understanding of how companies develop strategic plans that are competitive to survive and succeed in global markets.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Managing Global Supply Chains  

This course will focus on issues within operations of relevance in a firm’s ability to remain competitive in a global economy. Students will analyze examples of companies collaborating across the globe; develop an understanding of the operational and tactical aspects of managing a network of multiple facilities; investigate their strategic implications; consider legal, ethical, operational, venture risk, and reliability factors; and examine such topics as outsourcing and offshoring, information technology in operations, designing and managing global supply chains, managing inventory and global logistics, and sustainability.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Post-War British Pop Culture  

This course will explore theories of popular culture from the British Isles, from 1945 through to the present day. Students will compare British and American experiences of popular culture, the differences, similarities, and cross-influences; examine countercultures and subcultures in Britain; explore their connections to music and political movements; develop an understanding of cultures that are based on ethnicity and sexuality, as well as concerns around diversity and related hate crime; and visit urban environments that will help contextualize these subcultures both historically and politically.

This course is available both as a semester and a four-week summer intensive. Please note that the syllabus is for the full semester program. The syllabus for the four-week summer intensive is currently under development and will be available soon.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Remote Global Internship Course - Fall (3 Credits)  

Delivered by dynamic academic coaches and mentors, the Online Global Internship Course course focuses on building personal and professional skills with the intention to prepare students to articulate their learning to future employers, and or, graduate schools. The virtual in-class active learning approach gives students the opportunity to discuss and analyze theories and models of work, compare and contrast global organizational behavior and management in a cross-cultural context.


INTP 3347

Shakespeare and London  

This course will explore a selection of Shakespeare’s plays to uncover his style and craft within the genres of comedy, history, and tragedy. Students will engage in Shakespeare's timelessness and learn to appreciate how vitally his ideas, themes, and concepts move from the concerns of his day to our own; develop skills of paraphrasing and textual analysis; analyze the relationship between plays; and examine the structure of different dramatic genres. Students will pay $70 for this course upon arrival in London, which pays for theater tickets.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Writing the City: London  

This course will introduce creative writing in relation to the city and the particular challenges of writing about place. Students will examine how various subjects such as the river, urban spaces, solitude, ethnicity, particular boroughs, and characters (both fictional and real) function in London narratives; develop an understanding of the role of memory and experience in literary psycho-geographical accounts of the metropolis; utilize their observations of London to practice creative writing; and investigate the potential of place within the narrative of various genres.



  • Writing Intensive
  • Globally Networked Learning

The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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