London Film Program


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Immerse yourself in film and media studies with this unique, hands-on
program that enables you to explore the technical sides of media
production as well as theoretical concepts and histories of film and
media in London and beyond.

In collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, this academically and
culturally rich program combines the highest level of academic expertise
with the world-class production capabilities of the Derek Jarman Lab,
located on-site at the CAPA London Center. With the city of London as
the focus, study and analyze film history with an emphasis on filmmaking
practice. Courses consist of seminars, weekly screenings,
and practical film production. Earn 15 credits. 

September 2, 2020
thru December 12, 2020
Program Fee: $18,345
Application Deadline June 4, 2020

The London Experience



Explore the diversity of cosmopolitan London with our My Global City events: Tour Camden, enjoy the food on Brick Lane or visit The Globe.


Live like a Londoner and stay in shared apartments or opt for a homestay, all within a one-hour commute to the CAPA London Center. Plus, CAPA offers students Health & Wellness support.


Required Courses: City Symphony, Urban Scavenging, City Made Strange, Political Media, Two Masterclasses or an Internship Placement and Course.


Choose an optional internship directly connected to film and media where you'll acquire real-world professional skills. This is a great way to enhance your resume! Learn More

Learn About Studying with CAPA in London


CAPA program fees are comprehensive and include tuition, housing, excursions, My Global City events and activities, 24/7 emergency support, insurance, and more!


Earn 15 credits with four required courses plus an optional internship and accompanying Global Internship Course or two Masterclasses. 


You can opt to live in shared apartments or a homestay (with your own room and two meals a day), all within commuting distance to the CAPA center.

Local Transit Pass

A Zone 1-2 London Underground pass is included for use on the Tube (subway) and buses for students living in apartments. Zones 1-3 is included for students in homestay.

Excursions & Activities

Half-day coach tour of London, full-day excursion to Stonehenge and Bath plus choose one from: full-day excursion to Oxford, Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon and Kenilworth Castle, or Salisbury and Glastonbury. Social events include an arrival tea, midterm dinner, and a farewell ceremony. 

Internship & Volunteer

Participate in an internship opportunity, earn credit and gain valuable skills. Note: internships in London requires a visa.

My Global City

These events always include; a walking tour of the Iconic South Bank on your first weekend; taking a riverboat tour to Greenwich; touring multi-cultural Brixton, A Beatles and Abbey Road Magical Mystery Walking Tour, feasting on a multi-course curry dinner in Brick Lane. Other activities reflect what is on in the city at the time.

24/7 Emergency Support

We maintain a comprehensive health and safety plan with staff available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.


As a student on our program, you’ll receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance.


The CAPA London team is available throughout your program to help you make the most of your experience.

fall Courses


Courses consist of seminars, weekly screenings, and practical film production.

City Symphony  

This course will encourage students to theorize and document their own experiences as visitors to London and, while rooted in the historical context of the early 20th century, use the genre of the city symphony as a prism through which to examine several key features of early cinema, from sound/silence to montage and visual language.


Contemporary British Film  

This course will chart the development of British film from 1994-2012, a period of confidence and success mirrored by a major structural and financial reorganization in the industry. Students will critically analyze key films and how they both emerge from and transform earlier British cinema tradition; develop an understanding of important British genres and film-making tropes; explore the ways in which British films reflect and respond to contemporary social and political conditions and events; and develop an awareness of specific ways in which UK and US film differs.


Digital Media Practice  

This course will explore the digital media that permeate most social and economic interactions today, with a focus on digital media as a contemporary means of communication, placing them in the context of remix culture. Students will investigate still and moving images, which not only serve as entertainment, but also inform the way we communicate, learn about the world, purchase goods, and express our identities. (Pending SOR approval)


Industry Insider  

This course will explore interactive spectatorship in the pre and post digital eras. Students will analyze films from the end of the Hollywood studio system (the late 1950s)—the period in which the ‘old masters’ were making their last films—to trace ways in which technological change has affected the critical reading of the cinematic image.


Political Cinema  

This course will explore the ways in which media is used to facilitate and sustain exploitative political and economic practices (e.g. how media helped facilitate imperialism and, dialectically, how media has been used by individuals and groups to contest or speak back to power). Students will examine examples throughout history, but increasingly focus on the present moment.


The City Made Strange: London on Screen in Horror and Science Fiction Cinema  

This course will examine science fiction, horror, and noir/neogothic cinema and television from all eras, with emphasis on works that give London a major role in their story. Students will analyze such examples as disaster or alien invasion films that see the city as a site of devastation, horror films which render a familiar city frightening and strange, or noir explorations of London’s underbelly.


Urban Scavenger  

This course will explore the camera as a tool for the excavation of ordinary things scattered in the urban spaces of a modern metropolis. Students will develop an understanding of a theoretical framework; gain a related practical skillset; take their camera out into the city of London for hands-on exercises; and participate in readings, screenings, and course discussions that will facilitate their ability to experience the city with a critical and documentary approach.


The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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