At CEA CAPA, Diversity is an Educational Principle and an Ethical Imperative


Inclusivity is a core value for us. We believe inclusive practices cultivate curiosity, innovation, and the ability to provide unparalleled global experiences. ​​We are actively working to become an organization where all are valued and supported. ​​We recognize we must first change ourselves to make this vision a reality. ​​We are committed to taking continuous action, holding ourselves accountable, and being transparent in this work. ​We invite you, our CEA CAPA community, to engage with us on this journey.


Our commitment to diversity extends to personal, experiential, and academic engagements throughout all of our communities. We strive to create inclusive environments for our students that allow them to experience and learn from people with diverse backgrounds, worldviews, and cultural traditions.
We provide students the tools they need—regardless of age, race and ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and abilities—to fully experience the diversity of the world through our programs. We view our commitment to diversity as a form of social justice by promoting international education as an opportunity that is available and achievable for everyone. 

Your Identities Abroad Brochure

CAPA understands that we all carry different identities. Exploring your identities within the setting of a global city is an important part of every student's abroad experience, and CAPA offers resources and materials to help students prepare for their time abroad.


Diversity Abroad Destination Guides  

CAPA partners with Diversity Abroad to provide resources for students including destination guides that offer country-specific resources, including tips for Black/African-American students, Latinx students, Asian American students, LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, religious students, and women:


Diversity at CAPA  

While students prepare to study abroad, exploring their own identities within the setting of a global city is an important part of the experience.

During the pre-departure process, we provide students with resources to help them understand their own identity and beliefs, and to prepare them for differing cultural norms and viewpoints in their host country. 

Diversity Committee  

The Diversity Committee manages our organization’s commitment to diversity. Made up of members from various departments across all of our program locations, its overarching purpose is to ensure that CAPA’s emphasis on, and commitment to, diversity is woven into all facets of the organization, from marketing and recruiting to human resources. The committee meets on a regular basis to build and implement initiatives and projects across the organization and is responsible for:


  • Exploring the topic of diversity within the field of international education as it pertains to departmental focus.
  • Analyzing best practices for inclusive marketing communications and outreach.
  • Developing materials to support and engage students in considering their identities as they prepare to go abroad.
  • Establishing a supportive environment in which students can reflect upon their own identities within the context of the global city once abroad.
Diversity Advocates Program  

CAPA’s Diversity Advocates Scholarship Program (DAP) supports undergraduate students focused on social justice, access, inclusion, or diversity who wish to continue this focus abroad. Advocates receive a grant in the amount of $1,000 on a semester length program with CAPA to pursue diversity projects or research during their learning abroad experience.

DAP Scholars will collaborate with others and build upon their professional and personal development. They will also have the opportunity to engage in discussion groups and will be provided with tools to help them continue their advocacy efforts post-program. Lastly, DAP scholars will implement a project informed by their understanding of diversity in a local context, which will serve as their “capstone project” while abroad.

To be eligible, applicants must be committed and engaged with a track record of successful advocacy for diversity within their communities. They must effectively demonstrate an understanding of and obligation to influencing their own community from their experience abroad.

Advocates are awarded a grant in the amount of $1,000 for semester programs only.


Hear from past DAP scholars in their CAPA World blog posts:

The application deadline for Fall 2021 is June 1, 2021. Learn more and apply here

Student Voices  
Find out what it's like to study abroad from the perspective of different identities on the CAPA World blog. Each semester, you'll hear from a selected group of bloggers and vloggers about their personal experiences abroad: CAPA WORLD BLOG
Hear from some of our students:
Anti-Racism Resources  

To help individuals looking to take intentional action to better understand and combat systemic

racism in America, CAPA’s Diversity Committee has compiled a list of educational resources. READ AND DOWNLOAD


Here is a list of resources for taking action in combatting anti-Asian violence and racism: 



Mental Health: