Library of Record

Global research power at the fingertips of our students and faculty.

CAPA has a partnership with the State University of New York Library, giving faculty and students easy and immediate access to all of the online resources of this comprehensive university system.

The library includes a collection of scholarly research databases, such as journals and ebooks, along with 24/7 access to a reference librarian. CAPA’s partnership also gives students and faculty interlibrary loan privileges enabling them to obtain articles and other materials not immediately available through the databases.

Common library provision across CAPA sites gives all students access to the same first-class academic resources.  This allows CAPA faculty to assign more challenging research projects and enables students to have access to extensive learning materials. This provision facilitates research and global comparative analyses, and enhances globally networked studies.

Global networking and shared knowledge allow for more multifaceted work as students prepare for an increasingly interconnected world.