Sample CAPA Custom Programs

Our flexible custom program options take advantage of CAPA’s more than 45 years of expertise in creating academic and internship programs in global cities. CAPA works directly with faculty and study abroad staff to tailor a program that will meet every institution’s academic, logistic, and risk management needs at a price accessible to your students. We manage all aspects of predeparture advising and in-country support, allowing faculty to focus on teaching.

Having worked in the field of international education for a number of years, I can attest to the importance of working with a reliable, dependable, and creative organization. I know that I can always count on CAPA to assist with any given facet of our programs — from program development, recruitment, and marketing, to logistics and onsite program support.

Tonya Veltrop, Director of Study Abroad

Missouri School of Journalism

Sample Faculty-led, CAPA-led & Hybrid Study Abroad & Global Internship Programs



One of the more popular study abroad options at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, this semester-long program  enables students to gain work experience by providing them with a diverse offering of journalism and communications internships in London. In addition, students participate in a course taught by a University of Missouri faculty member that explores modern Britain.



In this fall program,  University of Minnesota Bachelor of Fine Arts students spend a semester in London for intensive theatre study. Using CAPA’s own black box theatre and networks in the London theatre industry, students actively engage in multiple projects and acting  workshops, while gaining understanding of the practical application of acting. Additionally, students enroll in selected CAPA courses on culture, history, and the arts.


In this semester-long faculty-led program, CAPA supports The Riverside Community College District in unique ways, such as involving both students and their parents in study abroad advising. While abroad students participate in a meaningful cultural exchange, living like locals in neighborhoods only a short distance away from central Barcelona. Students take English, writing, and psychology classes while abroad, and also participate in robust My Global City events.

Buenos Aires

Over the course of this three-week program, Simmons College students explore the Argentine Health Care system by visiting healthcare agencies and several nongovernmental agencies (NGOs) dedicated to community health and patient support. Students also travel to study healthcare provisions for Argentinians who live outside of urban areas. Simmons College students spend time working in groups to conduct research in Argentina and examine potential solutions for health-care related problems in Buenos Aires.



During this two-week program, Samford University students
study Irish music and art while in Dublin, exploring street art, the intersection of art and politics, and visiting various NGOs that support developing artists. Samford faculty teach an interdisciplinary course on music, theatre, and fine art specific
to the arts scene in Dublin. Students travel to the Cliffs of Moher and the faculty have a generous fund for cultural activities to supplement the academic curriculum.

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