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Why Choose a Custom Program?

You can achieve your vision of globalizing your students’ education through CAPA's custom programs. At CAPA, we help you develop custom and faculty-led programs, taking into consideration short-and long-term strategies, listening carefully to your ideas, and working to create a meaningful program at an accessible cost for students.

We will collaborate with you, your department, and your study abroad office, to develop programs ranging from a few weeks to a full semester, and at any time throughout the year. What you include in your program is completely customizable. Take advantage of CAPA’s expertise and extensive network, from our internship placements, professional site visits, and guest lectures.

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Go Beyond with CAPA


CAPA started 45 years ago by creating customized programs for community colleges and public institutions. Since then, we have continued to develop each of our centers abroad with dedicated staff on the ground to support students and faculty. Everyone vested in your study abroad program can feel secure in knowing that a program with CAPA will run smoothly.


Recruiting and preparing for a program can be overwhelming. Our Boston-based pre-departure team will work with you to create marketing materials, a customized website, and webinars unique to your program at no additional cost. We can also manage the application process and field pre-departure questions in collaboration with your school, so you can focus your energy on building an engaging international curriculum.

Risk Management

CAPA understands how to manage the risk associated with custom programs and apply protocols and policies to ensure the safety and security of each participant, in collaboration with your campus offices. We’ve established informed emergency protocols, developed health and safety materials, and have responded to the needs of all of our students abroad.


Our partners are always impressed with the amount of flexibility we can provide, from program dates to types of inclusions. CAPA partners with over 100 institutions across the U.S., including community colleges, small private colleges, and large public research universities. No institution is the same and, therefore, no custom program is either.

Diverse Curriculum

We can design programs for a diverse range of majors and for students to whom traditional study abroad programs are problematic or prohibitive. Some examples of custom programs we support include engineering, education, nursing, pharmacy, and American Sign Language.

Our team will collaborate with you and your institution to create your ideal program. Throughout the process, we will keep to your own internal university deadlines, policies, and budgets. We are happy to present you with program proposals that capture all your desired inclusions and/or provide additional materials that will help you better envision the experience you and your students will have on the program.

Speak with an Institutional Relations Manager for more details about how we can help support you and your institution's needs.

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Designing Your Program

We’re always excited to hear about the unique programs institutions want to design. Every faculty-led program includes insurance, orientations, group events, and access to cultural activities through our My Global City programming. Additionally, the following are items for consideration as you design your program:

  • Location: We support programs at all of our centers: Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, London, and Sydney. Single-day or overnight excursions to other regional cities can be included.

  • Duration: We are flexible when it comes to the dates and duration of custom programs and support January-term, Spring break, Summer, and semester-long programs.

  • Academics: Each of our centers have fully-equipped classrooms. We can work with you to further enhance the academic experience, including identifying relevant guest lecturers or adjunct faculty to teach an additional course. Programs can also utilize our distinctive Globally Networked Learning system, and include virtual speakers and connections with courses back on your home campus.

  • Experiential Learning: If you are developing programs that are longer than six weeks, consider enhancing your program with an internship placement or service-learning experience.

  • Accommodations: You may select between apartments, homestays, hotels, or dormitories depending on location, for both students and faculty.

  • Logistics: We arrange for local transportation passes, excursions, meals, museum entrances, performance tickets, airport transfers, and more.

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