There was an explosion on an Underground train in the Parsons Green area of London at 8:20AM BST today, resulting in multiple injuries (none reported to be life-threatening). CAPA activated its Locator Plan following this incident and has confirmed the well-being of all students. Our sympathies are with those affected by this incident.  (Last updated Sep 15, 11:19AM EST)

About CAPA

Our Structure, Standards, and Ethics

For 45 years CAPA The Global Education Network has worked with institutions of higher education to build programs that meet their goals for learning abroad. We operate education centers in Global Cities and have developed distinct academic offerings, support frameworks, and oversight structures for our students and visiting faculty.

We are a private limited partnership organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Team comprised of the CEO/President, Deputy and Vice-President, CAPA’s department heads, and independent consultants who review our fiscal and commercial responsibilities. Our Academic Advisory Board provides advice and counsel on the development, growth, and progress of our programs worldwide. School of Record partnerships with accredited U.S. institutions of higher education allow us to grant students credit on U.S. transcripts for courses taken abroad.

We are committed to working worldwide in a manner that is transparent, truthful, and respectful with all students and partner institutions. The observance of local laws and practices are cornerstones of our operational model. High standards are maintained through internal and external reviews of our programs and by creating new opportunities that best meet the evolving needs of our students. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the highest principles of quality across our academic programs, our living environments, and student engagement and safety.

Our Executive Team

John J. Christian President/CEO
Dr. Michael Woolf Deputy President for Strategic Development
Catherine Colon Vice President of Corporate Administration, Development & Assessment
Dr. Annagene Yucas Vice President of Academic Affairs
Jodi Melichar Vice President of Global Program Services
Joan Fusco Vice President of Human Resources
David Enda Vice President of Institutional Relations and Admissions
Gunnar Link Chief Financial Officer
Craig Kench Vice President of Internships