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A visit to see one of our programs will give you the opportunity to see how CAPA implements our Global Cities curriculum and manages customized programs. CAPA regularly hosts Global Education Workshops at all of our program locations and accepts individual visitors from institutions to meet our staff, experience the program in action, and learn about how we can partner with you.


Global Education Workshop - Dublin

Please join the 2017 CAPA Global Education Workshop in Dublin with option to visit London or Florence.


2017 CAPA Global Education Workshop in Dublin

Busy, bustling Dublin heaves with a millennia’s worth of stories to be told, set against the soundscape of a thousand bands. Dublin has the feel of a village while it offers a wealth of different attractions to which many visitors and international students are drawn to every year. The charm of the city lies in its warm friendliness, making you feel at home as soon as you arrive.


As a workshop participant, you will analyze and explore this unique environment, much like your students will, while gaining insight into CAPA's approach to teaching the city. This means:


  • You will be exposed to the ways in which CAPA creates learning pathways for our four key academic tracks: Creative Arts; Exploration of the Media; Human Rights, Crime and Journalism; and Globalization and International Trends in Business and Society.
  • You will meet with faculty and staff at our CAPA Dublin Center, engage with our host institution Griffith College, and learn about the vast resources and experiences available to students through this partnership, including classes, housing, and campus life.
  • You will visit CAPA internship sites and participate in a signature My Global Education event to further explore the opportunities students have to immerse themselves in local Irish culture and build professional skills.
  • You will take a guided tour of Dublin, dissecting what makes this Global City a modern center of education, the arts, administration, economy, and industry. 


Following the Dublin Workshop, you are welcome to extend your time with CAPA by visiting a second Global City: choose between our centers in London or Florence.



Price and Inclusions                    

CAPA Affiliates $449
Non-CAPA Members $649
Optional extended visit to CAPA London or Florence Center: $99 additional for each participant.

Hotel accommodations
Ground transportation (excludes airport transfers)
Workshop events, activities, and excursions
Entrances for tours or museums
Some meals


Note: Participants will be responsible for their own flights, including flight from Dublin to the optional second site visit.

Our enrollment system is easy to use, safe, and secure. If you have questions, please contact an Admissions Advisor at 800-793-0334.

Site Visit Request Form

If you are interested in visiting one of CAPA's Global Cities program sites, please consider one of our Education Workshops. If the dates do not coincide with your schedule, fill out the form to let us know when you'd like to visit us. A member of our Institutional Relations team will be in touch with you shortly. You can also reach us at 1-800-793-0334.

We can generally accommodate most dates, but may suggest others based on staff availability.

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