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Study the intersection between sports and politics in Sydney with Emerson College and CAPA. 

Australia is a sporting nation, having hosted the Olympics twice and boasting a large number of professional sport leagues like rugby, Australian rules football, basketball, baseball, cricket, and more; it is the ideal place to learn the ropes of sports-related fields and boost your future career. 

CAPA's Sports, Politics & Communication summer program, offered in partnership with Emerson College, offers a curriculum that examines the role sports plays in persuasion, influence, and attraction in the attempt to bridge communities and cultures and on the local, national, and global stages. In addition to the required curriculum course, choose an additional course from CAPA's broad curriculum plus benefit from professional development opportunities.

May 22, 2019
thru July 6, 2019
Program Fee: $8,595
Application Deadline March 1, 2019

The Sydney Experience

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Explore the diversity of cosmopolitan Sydney with our My Global City events: go on a food crawl through Newtown to find eclectic flavors, visit The Rocks and explore this historical site, or take in the stunning views of the coastline on a walk from Bondi to Coogee.

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Live like a Sydneysider and stay in a homestay, or opt to live in shared apartments.

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Required curriculum: Sports as Soft Power course; plus choose a course from the designated curriculum for a total of 8 credits.

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Professional Experiences

Meet with professionals in the field of sports and learn how the sports industry works in Australia. 

One of the most unique opportunities here is the ability to work with students across the globe through CAPA's Globally Networked Learning system. I am working with a girl in Florence on a short movie script covering tropes from both Italian and Australian films. At the same time I'm doing a collaborative project with CAPA students from Florence and Dublin on how multiculturalism affects the environment around us. This not only integrates us with our immediate community, but other CAPA global cities as well.

Matthew Benczkowski, Molecular Biology Major

University of Pittsburgh

Program Inclusions

  • TuitionEarn 8 credits. Credits are issued by Emerson College.
  • HousingYou can opt to live in shared apartments or a homestay (with your own room and two meals a day), all within commuting distance to the CAPA center.
  • Local Transit PassA local transit pass is provided for the duration of the program.
  • ActivitiesSocial events include an arrival reception, a neighborhood walk, a four-hour buffet cruise around the Sydney Harbour, and a farewell ceremony. In addition to these activities, you will choose from one of the three social packages offered each summer. Volunteer opportunities are also available.
  • My Global CityAs part of the Sydney Welcome Week, the start of your program includes a coastal walk from the famous Bondi Beach to Coogee, an evening visit to the Sydney Observatory to view the starry night sky, trivia at a local city pub to learn all about the neighborhood and the nation, and an Aboriginal Cultural Workshop at the harborside suburb of Barrangaroo. Throughout the rest of your program, self-guided events will be offered each week.
  • ExcursionA full day excursion to the dazzling Blue Mountains, which includes a visit to Featherdale National Park, where you can get up close and personal with kangaroos and koalas, and an incredible dinner and overnight stay at the Taronga Zoo.
  • 24/7 Emergency SupportCAPA maintains a comprehensive health and safety plan with staff available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.
  • InsuranceAs a student in our program, you’ll receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance
  • SupportThe CAPA team is available throughout your program to assist and support you 24/7 with any urgent situations.


Analyzing and Exploring the Global City - Sydney  

This course traces Sydney's development from early Indigenous connections to Sydney as tribal country, the establishment of a colonial outpost of the British Empire, through to the thriving multi-cultural metropolis it is today. The course examines how the forces of colonization, migration, economic modernization, and globalization have affected the city and its inhabitants.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Australian Government and Politics in the Pacific Rim Context  

This course examines the government and politics of Australia and Australian engagement in Asia by surveying similarities with and differences from the North American democratic model and by examining Australia's substantial and abiding interests in the Asian region. By the end of the course, students are aware of the magnitude of the influence that the Asia Pacific region has had on Australian foreign policy.



Immigration: People Moving, Moving People  

This course will explore the causes and consequences of migration for communities, personal identities, national identities, politics, ethics, and the environment. The various reasons for people-moving and moving people across borders will be examined, as will the myths and controversies involved. How notions of belonging, citizenship, nationality, nationhood, and ‘the other’ are constructed, proliferated, and manipulated will be key themes throughout the course. Case studies will be drawn from both Australian and international examples, which field trips will supplement. Grades will be based on class and online participation, evidence of reading and independent research, and assessments both written and oral.



International Economics  

This course provides an understanding of the key economic issues in the global business environment and an understanding of how global businesses are impacted by real world developments in economics, politics and finance. The business environment is dynamic in nature.  The course coverage is therefore updated periodically to include current real world evidence as well as recent academic and empirical findings.



  • Globally Networked Learning
People, Place and Culture - Environmental Debates in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific  

This course explores the multi-faceted dimensions of human interaction with diverse environments in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to illuminate the origins of environmental concerns and current debates in these regions from pre-European contact to now. From the peopling of the Pacific to the challenge of climate change, this course is broad in its scope while concentrating on selected issues such as the impact of mining, clean energy futures, our vulnerability to natural disasters and increasing urbanization. In so doing, the intersection of culture and nature is explored. The course is embedded in the environmental humanities, but uses the approaches of environmental history, as well as insights from the disciplines of science, politics, sociology and cultural studies.



Sports as Soft Power  

This course examines sports as soft power (persuasion, influence, and attraction) in the attempt to bridge communities and cultures and on the local, national, and global stages. Case studies demonstrate the attraction and effectiveness of sports as a communication strategy utilized by local, national, and international governments and NGOs as part of a strategic communication plan, as well as its role in spontaneous grass roots movements. Critical to our studies is the appreciation that sport may challenge/ reinforce social and cultural values at the local, national, and international levels. Complementing readings and discussions, the course may also include guest lectures from individuals in the sports fields so that students are provided with a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by those participating and working in the field. Syllabus coming soon.


Sports Management  

This course provides undergraduate students with the critical understanding of the theories, concepts, knowledge and skills for mangers in commercialized and community based sports the Australian context. The course considers the ranges of challenges facing the 21st century sports manager including a complex sociocultural environment, competitive business markets, managing a range of key stakeholders, the future of sports management and strategic planning to meet future sporting organizations objectives. The course also evaluates how public policy, sport governance and legislative requirements impacts on the management of sporting organizations. Finally, the course examines the wider social utility of sport in Australia, such as its role in community and the forming of national identity, as an opportunity for social improvement and general community well-being.



Sports Marketing  

This course examines in detail the various techniques and strategies of sports marketing. The issue of professionalism and the corporatization of sport will be addressed. The focus on the necessity of securing various revenue streams including sponsorships, investment opportunities, government grants and fund-raising potential of individuals, teams, clubs and facilities in the broad arena of sport. Students will examine the promotion of sport through various channels, including traditional media and the rise of digital marketing in its various forms. The ability to develop and implement marketing strategies and plans to present to individuals or organizations will be based around practical application using Australian case studies.



Writing the Global City - Sydney  

This course is a creative writing workshop keyed to exploring the experience of travelling and living abroad in Sydney in either verse or prose texts. Along with the writing workshops, students also read and discuss texts that focus on Australia in general and Sydney specifically from both native and foreign perspectives.



  • Globally Networked Learning

The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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