Planning Courses Abroad

Planning Your Courses Abroad

A successful semester abroad starts with great planning. To help line up your best options, there are three standard steps you should take:

1. Meet with your Academic Advisor  

Sitting down with your on-campus Academic Advisor gives you a chance to review the courses you will need to take in order to graduate on time while also allowing you to identify courses you can take abroad.

Once you have created a list of relevant courses, you can match them up against CAPA’s available courses. To view our courses, check out the specific location and program term you're interested in.

When you have a list of the CAPA courses that interest you, be certain to bring all course information to your Academic Advisor for final review. It is a good idea to select a few backup courses!

2. Register for classes  

At approximately 90 days (3 months) before you travel to your study abroad city you will receive an email from CAPA’s Registrar requesting that you to submit your course preferences. You will also be asked to submit your backup courses in the event that your first selections are cancelled or full.

When filling out the course preferences survey form you should be certain to include any important notes regarding your course preferences.

Be sure to submit your course preference survey as soon as you receive it in order to lock in your courses. Course surveys are due 70 days before your program start date.

3. Receive your course schedule  

Your course schedule will be provided to you approximately 30 days before the program starts, depending on the CAPA program location. You can make changes to your schedule during the first week of the program.