Sam Giordano

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Indiana University Bloomington
Sam Giordano

Major: Psychology

Favorite class abroad: Renaissance Art History

I was nervous as I am not a big art history person, but the experience is crucial given the location. Students get entry to all of the top museums and locations around Florence, and develop a greater appreciation for their host city. When I had visitors or family in town who asked me to give them a tour, I felt like an official resident being able to spit off facts and knowledge for them.

Study abroad highlight: The biggest highlights would be the sense of independence and challenging of the comfort zone. Living abroad really taught me how to be self reliant and independent. I knew I would miss out on so much if I waited for others to join me in activities, so I began to do more on my own. I had an incredible friend group and support system while I was over there, but I found a lot of comfort in doing exactly what I wanted to do. With this newfound independence came stepping out of my comfort zone. Whether it was with food, activities, or social gatherings, I found myself taking more risks and trying things I never would have in the states. By saying yes to nearly everything and challenging myself in entirely new ways, I began to understand Florence and appreciate it on a personal level.

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