Rose Linehan

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Mount Saint Mary College
Rose Linehan

Majors: History, Education 

Favorite class abroad: Math, Science & Art in Renaissance Italy (taught on the custom program with my school)

For me, this was more than just a class. We got the chance to experience the culture of Italy because we were constantly learning both in and out of the classroom. We would spend half of our time in the classroom and the other half in the city of Florence. This really helped me become comfortable with the city and learn through experience as oppose to just lecture. I think this class really contributed to my love for Florence because I got to connect with a lot of the city on both and educational and personal level! 

Study abroad highlight: I feel while being abroad I really got the chance to learn about another city and culture but also about myself. This opportunity helped me see the beauty that the world has to offer. It has helped me grow, mature and expand my love for travel and education. The classes that I took abroad did not even feel like classes to me, they were more like life. They helped me to combine education and personal growth, while in another country. The overall experience I had was something that words cannot describe. You feel complete exhilaration when you get the chance to see something that you have learned/known about for so long, i.e. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Seeing sites that you have seen through pictures all your life, you realize how big the world is and how many opportunities you have to explore and travel the world. 

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