Meet Our Institutional Relations


Randeep Kullar

Institutional Relations Manager

Based in Sacramento, California, Randeep joined CAPA in 2021 where she works with institutions on the West Coast and Pacific Northwest.

Randeep spent the first part of her career developing global internship programs and supporting students on their professional and study abroad journeys at UC Berkeley. She transitioned to supporting international institutions in creating customized experiential learning programs with CIEE and then returned to UC Berkeley, this time to support adult learners with their careers, prior to returning to international education with CAPA.

She holds a BA in History with a minor in Education from University of California, Davis and a MS in Counseling with a focus in College and Career Counseling from San Francisco State University.

In her spare time, Randeep is either geeking out on all things fantasy, sci-fi, super-hero, history or Bollywood-related (huge movie buff in general!) or putting her relationship skills to the test by finding time to see friends and her very large family.

Randeep Kullar - fun photo

Fun Facts:

  • Did not formally study abroad but stayed in India for 2 months in second grade
  • Comes from a family of farmers in India and California (but can’t manage to keep plants alive) and has an uncle who is a traveling monk
  • Can speak Punjabi and Hindi and drum up her 4 years of Spanish when needed
  •  Has 4 siblings that cover three generations, including Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z