Rachel Long

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SUNY Oswego
Rachel Long

Major: Public Relations

Internship abroad: ThinkersPR

I was the Public Relations and Communications intern and I had the most incredible experience, such a wonderful and important experience in my life that I nominated ThinkersPR (and won) the CAPA Internship Site Award. I was responsible for our social media and our clients social media while also assisting the PR team with campaigns and projects. Working at ThinkersPR helped me become an more well-rounded individual as well as gain crucial experience in my desired field of work. My time at ThinkersPR was an experience of a lifetime.

Study abroad highlight: A highlight of my time abroad was exploring, from the South Bank of London, to different UK cities, to entirely different countries. I visited 10 different cities in seven different countries. The ease of travel is amazing. I also loved traveling around the city of London itself, discovering all the different areas of the city and their unique aspects. I became so familiar with the city and public transportation, it truly felt like home, I could even give directions to lost travelers! 

Another highlight of my trip, was the food! England and great food aren't usually what people think, but it is a cultural hub of amazing food from all over the world. I miss having lunch at all the cute markets and sampling too many different kinds of foods in one day!

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