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Welcome to CAPA The Global Education Network's online press room. The information that follows includes press releases, images, staff biographies, and media relations contacts.

Please contact our Marketing Director, Lorena Leonard, at 617-986-3480 for more information.

CAPA's Mission

CAPA The Global Education Network is committed to academic excellence, integrity and innovation in learning abroad. Our mission is to provide meaningful experiences that challenge and inspire students to analyze and explore complex political, cultural and social landscapes within urban environments. Through our commitment to personalized learning, global connections via technology and collaborative learning communities, we prepare students to live and work in a globally interdependent and diverse world.

In the News

07/2016 eCampus News

Can Technology Recreate the Studying Abroad Experience?

07/2016 eCampus News

New Tech to Revolutionize Studying Abroad Education

12/2014 GoAbroad

Interview with John Christian - President/CEO

09/2014 University Times (University of Pittsburgh)

CBA Plans International Push

09/2014 National Public Radio

With Launch of New Institute, Pitt Hopes to Give Business Students a Global Perspective

04/2014 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Why Europe Still Matters in Study Abroad

04/2014 The Catalyst

A City As A Labratory?

03/2014 PR Web

Study Abroad Rankings Released by Abroad101


Lycoming partners with CAPA International Education

08/2013 News @ Rider

Learning the London Stage

08/2013 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Politics-and-Poverty Tourism: the Lure of Study in Developing Countries

07/2013 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Is Europe Passe?

06/2013 Tennessee Journalist

UTK Students Spend Summer in London


The Street: New Secret Theatre Brings Street Art to London's SW7

06/2013 ABC News

CAPA Launches "The Street" Theater Program to Enhance Fine Arts Offering

02/2013 Move Guides Blog

Tips for Selecting a Study Abroad Programme

02/2013 Little London Observationist

Listen to a Londoner - John Christian

12/2012 China Daily

"Xi Offers Hope of Clarity": Op-Ed by Colin Speakman, CAPA's Director of China Programs

11/2012 Yahoo News

CAPA International Education CEO Shares Advice About Getting Into International Education Field

11/2012 -

Taking Chances with John Christian

10/2012 - The Troy Record

Five Questions: John Christian

10/2012 -

Florence, Italy Program

10/2012 - Oswego Lake E-ffect

Jose Ramon Perez International Scholarship

10/2012 - State University of New York Oswego

Jose Ramon Perez International Scholarship

08/2012 - The University of Georgia

2012 Innovations Grant from CAPA

03/2012 - Consortium for Global Education

CGE and CAPA Affiliate Agreement

Image Gallery

The media has permission to use the images displayed below. For more information, please contact Stacia Biel at 857-288-7916.


CAPA The Global Education Network  
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John Christian Dr. Michael Woolf

President and CEO



Deputy President and Chief Academic Officer



Pictures taken during the Global Cities, Globalization and the Transatlantic World Symposium put on by CAPA The Global Education Network and The Eccles Center of the British Library, 19 October 2012

 Grand opening of "The Street" Theatre Space in London



Staff Profiles

John Christian President and CEOJohn Christian, President / CEO

John Christian has been an active and contributing member of the field of international education for over 20 years, most of his professional life.

John first studied abroad in London, England on a semester abroad program in 1986. John began his professional career in International Education as a Foreign Student Advisor for The State University of New York, College at Oswego Office of International Education.

Following this John participated in an 18-month post-graduate program in Beijing, China where he was also the Resident Director of The State University of New York, College at Oswego Beijing program. John later attended graduate school at the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies where he completed a Masters Degree in Area studies: China.

John is a committed member of several professional organizations including NAFSA, The association of International Educators, The FORUM on Education Abroad as well as a recognized leader and trainer in education abroad administration and health and safety management for education abroad.

John has been with the CAPA Organization for over 17 years and continues to search for unique and engaging ways to excite students about learning and other cultures.


Dr. Michael WoolfDr. Michael Woolf, Deputy President of Strategic Development and Chief Academic Officer

As the Deputy President for Strategic Development and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Michael Woolf serves as a special advisor to assist the organization in building a more diverse range of programs and destinations. He is also responsible for developing our curriculum offerings in current CAPA locations and creating academic concentrations which blend courses, internships and service learning into focused tracks speaking directly to specific academic departments. Mike will play a key role in the development of new learning abroad destinations for CAPA, which will serve the CAPA mission and strategic direction. Mike also works with our Institutional Relations team to introduce our programs and various models to the field of learning abroad.

Mike has been working in the field of learning abroad for many years and is recognized as a leader in innovative program development and curriculum. He has held leadership roles in many international education organizations, among them FIE, CIEE and Syracuse University. He has written widely on international education and cultural studies. Mike serves on a number of advisory boards and is a member of the Board of Directors of The Forum on Education Abroad.

As an academic, Mike focused on American Studies and taught in the universities of Padova and Venice, Italy. After a period as a writer at the BBC, Mike joined CIEE as the London Director with the task of developing international exchanges across Europe and between the UK - USA and Asia. He then moved into mainstream education abroad with Syracuse University before returning to CIEE as the Regional Director for Anglophone programs. In that role, he helped develop CIEE's activities in Africa, India, Australia, the UK and Ireland.


Press Contacts

If you have an inquiry about CAPA International Education or would like additional information, please contact:

Dr. Carol Jambor-Smith
Vice President of Institutional Relations and Marketing
Telephone: +1 617 986 3471




Frequently Asked Questions

What type of programs does CAPA offer?

CAPA offers three types of programs: Specialized, Global Cities and Partnership. For a full description of each, please visit the Programs page.

How many academic institutions are associated with CAPA?

CAPA currently maintains partnerships with over 200 university and colleges in the United States. Historical partners include the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Minnesota, the University of Massachusetts and the State University of New York at Oswego.

What cities are part of CAPA’s study abroad offering?

CAPA currently has Global Cities Programs in Beijing, Buenos Aires, FlorenceLondon, Shanghai and Sydney. In 2013 CAPA plans to open new program in Dublin.

What type of scholarships does CAPA offer?

CAPA offers need, merit and access scholarships as well as special scholarships and grants for its affiliate partners. Please visit the scholarship page for a full description of each scholarship.

How many students over the years have been through a CAPA study abroad experience?

Over 50,000 students have studied abroad with CAPA.

What makes CAPA International Education unique?

CAPA is committed to personalized learning, academic rigor and cultural engagement. These three areas support CAPA’s mission to provide meaningful learning abroad experiences that challenge and inspire students to analyze and explore complex political, cultural and social landscapes within urban environments.

What is CAPA’s MyEducation?

CAPA developed the MyEducation program to help students select cultural experiences that are relevant to their academic courses and personal learning goals abroad. Events, activities and reflective sessions are identified and designed around significant themes such as Community and People, Government and Power, Landscape and Time, Diversity and Identity, and Arts and Culture. Participation in these activities will help students develop an intelligent, well-rounded, and in-depth perspective on the global city where they are studying. Please visit the MyEducation page to hear more about this unique program.


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