Global Education Experiences

Spring Semester Abroad Programs

During the spring term, you’ll join other US college and university students in your new global city home. Together, you’ll take courses; perhaps participate in an internship; explore the vibrant landscape around you; experience the culture, food, music, and architecture; and build connections with other students and locals. With the summer stretching ahead at the end of your spring program, you may even make plans to travel to new places once your program comes to an end.

Fall Semester Abroad Programs

Fall is an excellent time to study abroad! During this term, you can expect classes to be less crowded and have more available internship placement options, giving you more one-on-one time with faculty, other students on your program, and internship site colleagues. And the best perk yet, if you choose a location like Sydney or Buenos Aires, you may be able to expect Summer weather. What a great excuse to escape the cold for a few months.

Summer & Short-Term Abroad Programs

While Summer term programs are shorter, they are no less impactful! Summer and Short-Term programs abroad allow you to get up to speed quickly at a more affordable cost. You’ll earn full credit towards graduation and have the option to do an internship, all while spending less money on your experience.

Words can't describe how amazing my time abroad was. CAPA offered a variety of unique courses and the staff was warm and helpful; they were there to support me along the way, both academically and personally. And the internship component is an incredible addition to any resume. I would suggest CAPA programs to anyone looking to study abroad.

Taylor McAllister

Clark University

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