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Record of Achievement

“There is a need to do justice to the full range of student experience by allowing a wider recognition of achievement.” The Burgess Report, October 2007, Universities UK.


The CAPA Record of Achievement is a record of individual students’ achievements in one or more co-curricular or extra-curricular areas of their study abroad experience outside of the classroom. Successful applicants will receive a certificate and accompanying letter. This ‘transcript supplement’ is a formal document, developed by CAPA The Global Education Network in response to recent European initiatives in academic accreditation.

Today’s graduates face an increasingly competitive academic and vocational environment. Study abroad offers a distinctive learning experience with unique advantages for future career prospects. The certificate and the accompanying letter will demonstrate achievement in one or more areas of the study abroad experience. It is a formal document which can be added to a resume and submitted in support of applications for further academic study, work experience or future job applications.

Students will be able to list it on their resume and submit it in support of applications for further academic study, work experience or future job applications. The Record highlights key areas of student attainment in study abroad such as:

  • enriched knowledge and understanding of the host culture and society
  • enhanced skills and experience of intercultural communication
  • significant community initiative, engagement and involvement
  • heightened professionalism in an international setting

The certificate and accompanying letter document self-directed projects in one or more areas of experiential learning in CAPA’s programs, including but not limited to:

  1. Participation in the MyEducation curriculum: students choose a MyEducation activity and, through active participation, explore its significance in shaping their understanding of the city where they’re living and studying
  2. Community Participation: students take part in a volunteer project or some other activity which impacts the local community in a significant way
  3. CAPA Program Development: students submit a creative, original and detailed proposal, drawing on field research, for future activities or projects for students at CAPA centres
  4. Cultural Engagement: students take part in an activity that has allowed them to meet a range of local people and work alongside them (e.g. starting a language group or sports club)
  5. Professional Development: this category recognises an outstanding achievement at the student’s internship which has enhanced their workplace and / or their own professional goals in a significant way. The achievement should show individual initiative to go above and beyond what has been asked or expected by the internship site.
  6. Students may nominate their own project, which must be discussed and approved by the Director of Academic Affairs in the program location.

In order to obtain the certificate, students will select one of the areas described above, or nominate their own project, and prepare a detailed written submission together with, as appropriate, testimonials, and other evidence (such as photos, online reports, and other media). The written submission should address the application questions. These questions are designed to summarize and evaluate the value of the activities undertaken and require students to describe them in detail and explain their acquired learning, as well as supply a variety of supporting evidence to justify their inclusion.

Completed entries must be received a minimum of two weeks before the closing date of the students’ CAPA programs, electronically and in hard copy. Applications will be assessed by the Director of Academic Affairs in the program location and a recommendation made to the CAPA President.

We welcome all applications for the certificate, but it is important to note that success is not automatic. All applications will be assessed carefully based on the quality of the written submission and accompanying evidence in support of the application. Applications must demonstrate that the student has gone above and beyond in their engagement with the city and the people in their CAPA program location, and that they have done so without compromising their course-work and internship commitments.

Successful applicants will be contacted individually and listed in the CAPA Monday Memo.

Note: Students must be on a semester or quarter program to apply.

What do past students say about the Record of Achievement?

"In regard to the CAPA record of Achievement, I believe this was something that I really enjoyed doing. I really enjoyed writing and looking back on an experience I had and think about it and get to share it. Also the broadness of what you could write about left it open for us to choose what we wanted to share about. Writing about something you enjoy and being recognized for it was very rewarding. I think this should continue to be offered to the students who go on the [program] because it is not mandatory but is something many students would be interested in doing."
- Cassandra Lavo, University of Buffalo

"I think the Record of Achievement is a good initiative. It made me evaluate my experience in yet another light and find even deeper appreciation."
- Megan Boehm, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

"When I set out to obtain the Record of Achievement, I did so purely for the benefit of adding this accreditation to my resume. However, upon completing the application I realized that the project of applying was beneficial to my study abroad experience because the application forced me to pause and reflect on my internship in a specialized way. The Learning through Internships course required consistent reflection throughout the semester, but the Record of Achievement gave me the opportunity to focus on one specific event, examining my professional and personal development within the span of the project.”
- Skyler Bean, Arizona State University 

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