CAPA Student Wins Beijing Government Award

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Deborah Choi from Ursinus College, pictured here on an excursion to Xi’an, was awarded the third place prize in the Beijing Municipal Government's Award Scheme to encourage and recognize outstanding effort in Mandarin study by students at Beijing universities. Deborah, a beginner Mandarin student, distinguished herself through her performance in the mid-exam of the Capital Normal University Mandarin program while abroad during the Fall 2011 semester. She received a certificate and a monetary award.

"I had no idea. I have to say that this is an honor to be given this scholarship from the Beijing Municipal Government. I find the Chinese language very interesting and enjoyable to study. I hope to continue my studies and become better at Chinese," remarked Deborah upon learning she had received the award.

Colin Speakman, CAPA’s Director of China Programs noted that "Deborah was a dedicated student and thoroughly deserves this honor available to foreign students studying in Beijing for at least a semester. The Beijing Municipal Government has pledged to increase the value of the awards in 2012, and I hope another student on a semester with CAPA can mirror Deborah's achievement."

Ursinus College students spent a semester in Beijing in Fall 2011 in partnership with CAPA at Capital Normal University. The program revolved around a core course, Beijing as a Text, taught by Ursinus Professor Hugh Clark, an East Asian studies expert, together with a four-week initial Mandarin program. Students had the option of further, in-depth Mandarin throughout the semester or CAPA’s Learning through Internships course which offers students the opportunity to do an academic internship in Beijing. As part of the program Ursinus students had contact with local Chinese students in the classroom.

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