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Apply here now to be an Ambassador! The Spring 2017 application deadline has been extended to Dec 6.

The CAPA Ambassador Program is a semester-long leadership and professional development program. This is an opportunity to share your study abroad experience with others and stay involved with CAPA The Global Education Network.

You will play a critical role in building support and advocacy for study abroad and CAPA programs on your campus through your outreach efforts. It is also a career-building opportunity that will help you expand your on-campus network, improve your time management, interpersonal and communication skills, and it will give you tangible work experience for your burgeoning resume at a critical point in your post-university job search. You'll also have fun and be compensated for your time and efforts!

See why this student, Paul, recommends being an ambassador - check out his blog post!



As a CAPA Ambassador, you will promote study abroad through a variety of campus and social media activities, including:

  • Your campus study abroad fair and/or activity fair
  • Information sessions with student groups or residence halls
  • Classroom presentations
  • Reviews on study abroad websites and search engines
  • Guest posts for the CAPA World Blog
  • Tabling in your student union
  • Producing YouTube videos
  • Interacting with CAPA's LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
  • Contributing photos for our Marketing team to use on the website or in publications
  • Writing about your experience in the school newspaper
  • AND MORE!! - we encourage creativity in seeking out new opportunities to reach interested students!!

CAPA students CAPA Ambassador spreading the word

During training, you'll recieve the full list of required Ambassador activities. Of course, each college and university has their own set of policies. CAPA is willing to work with you to create substitute tasks that adapt to your campus culture.


CAPA provides a "toolkit" of materials, including a CAPA Ambassador T-shirt, brochures and fliers, and give-aways. We also reimburse up to $25 per semester if you wish to purchase food for an event or materials for a display.



All Ambassadors should be able to devote 3-6 hours per week during the first half of the semester, and 1-2 hours per week thereafter. Please be very realistic in deciding whether you have time in your busy schedule next semester to be effective and fulfill this commitment. 


WHO CAN APPLY FOR THE CAPA AMBASSADOR PROGRAMCAPA Ambassador having fun spreading the word about the study abroad programs and locations

You must be a current undergraduate student enrolled in the semester after you return from your CAPA program. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, creative, and passionate about their experience abroad. You need to be responsible, possess good time management skills, and be willing to do some of your tasks in the evenings when students are more readily available. Good communication skills are valued, and we prefer people who are well-versed and active in social media. We request a one-semester commitment from all Ambassadors, and by mutual agreement you can continue until you graduate. To help prepare you, there will be a mandatory on-line training session with CAPA staff. 

Please note: Students from the following schools are not allowed to participate in the ambassador program by their home institutions: University of Pittsburgh, University of Minnesota, Northeastern University, and Saint Mary's College of Indiana.


CAPA student show a place where she looks forward to study abroad REMUNERATION

You will be compensated with a modest stipend of $400 for completing all your assigned activities by the end of the semester. There is an added incentive for recruiting students who enroll and travel abroad with CAPA in upcoming terms.

In addition, prizes are awarding to the most active Ambassadors, including gift cards, a $500 travel voucher or a trip to a CAPA Global City! 



Apply here now to be an Ambassador! The Spring 2017 application deadline has been extended to Dec 6.

Your application will be reviewed by Nicole Couturiuax, who manages the CAPA Ambassador Program. You will also need to be approved by the study abroad office at your home university. Some institutions limit the number of ambassadors we can have during any given term, so if we are unable to offer you a position for your chosen semester, we can explore other ways you can contribute informally to CAPA and perhaps offer you a position the following semester.



If you would like to see who is in the program already, please visit the Meet the Ambassadors section of the website. 



Our enrollment system is easy to use, safe, and secure. If you have questions, please contact an Admissions Advisor at 800-793-0334.

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