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What is MyEducation?

MyEducation offers intentionally defined pathways through the city: means of engaging with the urban environment in ways that are relevant to your studies and interests. The intention is to empower you to make specific connections between classroom theory and the outside world.

CAPA developed the MyEducation program to help you select cultural experiences that are relevant to your academic courses and personal learning goals abroad. Events, activities and reflective sessions are identified and designed around the themes of Globalization, Urban Environments, Social Dynamics, and Diversity. Participation in these activities will give you an intelligent, well-rounded, and in-depth perspective on the global city where you are studying.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities with varying styles of presentation. This allows you to pick a session that speaks to you and your way of learning.

Some examples of MyEducation sessions offered in the past few months in Sydney include:

  • Lecture on immigration
  • Visit to La Perouse to learn about boomerangs
  • Coastal walk along Sydney Harbour

This style of learning is a unique and valuable opportunity to make the most out of your time studying in another country.

How does it work?

The MyEducation planner is designed for you by local staff and faculty to bring theory to life, and to offer a unique and valuable opportunity to make the most out of your time studying in another country.

CSP studentsMyEducation activities are either staff-led or self-directed. Every week, one item will be selected as the MyEducation Event of the Week, and further information will be given on this highlighted event in hand-outs and in a weekly email, delivered directly to your inbox!

Some CAPA professors integrate MyEducation activities into their courses and assessment, so that you may have an opportunity to reflect upon, write about, and present your experiences. MyEducation is also an excellent mechanism to develop areas of interest that may be extended into an application for the CAPA Record of Achievement.

Our enrollment system is easy to use, safe, and secure. If you have questions, please contact an Admissions Advisor at 800-793-0334.

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