CAPA Need-Based Scholarship Application

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Please complete the form below with your information and personal essays. Successful applicants should be thoughtful and succint in their answers, in addition to demonstrating financial need. All essays should be 200 words or less.  

To be considered for an award, you must also submit this additional Financial Assessment Form by the scholarship deadline

It takes the Scholarship Committee approximately 3-4 weeks to review applications and render decisions. Students will be notified in writing by email of their award status approximately 4 weeks after the scholarship deadline. Students should be prepared to commit to the program regardless of whether an award is received. Generally, scholarship money is credited to the program invoice and not given out as cash.

Class standing is at time of departure for your CAPA program.
CAPA is committed to fostering student diversity and to providing all students with the opportunity to explore and challenge their identities in distinct ways. In 200 words or less, please tell us about your own identity.
In 200 words or less, expand on how your CAPA program choice relates to your own academic, professional, and personal goals. Give specific examples.
Studying abroad takes initiative, dedication, and flexibility, both before you leave and while you are living and learning in a new community. In 200 words or less, please tell us more about your own experience with initiative, dedication and challenge in deciding and preparing to study abroad. We also encourage you to reflect upon how these experiences will further prepare you for your program in a global city.

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