Student Blog / Vlog Grant Application Form

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To apply for a blog or vlog grant, please fill out this form completely at least 4 weeks in advance of the start of your program. You will need to send a sample blog, so make sure to include a URL.

To apply for a blog or vlog grant, please create a blog (500-800 words with photos) or vlog (2-3 minutes edited clip) based on the following scenario: You’ve met a friend online and they’d love to visit you, but they don’t have any vacation time. You’ll have to take them on a virtual tour of your HOME city or town instead. Show them around using a blog post including your original photos or vlog entry keeping to the word / time limits above. Submit the URL above.
Briefly describe five blog / vlog topics you’d like to write about if you receive the grant.
In which ways would you plan to use the explorer fund?

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