CAPA Ambassador Application

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The application deadline for Spring 2017 CAPA Ambassadors is November 22. We may follow up with you during the review process to ask additional questions. Acceptance decisions will be made by early December and a mandatory hour-long training will be scheduled. 

The Ambassador Program is competitive and we have limited spaces. Some applicants may be offered a place on our waitlist. 

Thanks for your application and enthusiasm for sharing your CAPA experience with future students!!

Students from the following schools are not allowed to participate in the ambassador program by their home institutions: University of Pittsburgh, University of Minnesota, Northeastern University, and Saint Mary's College of Indiana.
Please briefly name and describe either your CAPA internship or your favorite class.
What are your ideas for capturing the attention of students? Are there any strategies that work well on your home campus? Any clubs or groups you would connect with?
Please be thoughtful and realistic in evaluating your time. Ambassadors are required to complete various activities on campus and online to be an engaging and successful in the position, as well as to earn the stipend and enrollment bonuses. The program requires about 3-5 hours per week the first 6 weeks and then 1-2 for the rest of the semester.
Please provide name, title, email and telephone number.

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