Nina Lukelo

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SUNY Oswego
Nina Lukelo

Majors: Political Science & Creative Writing 

Favorite classes abroad: Writing the City: London & the Global Internship Program

Through the coursework and the internship I discovered things about myself that I would have taken me a while to find out. I learned better techniques and ways to improve my writing and other fields of law that I can look into. Before doing the study abroad program my mind was set on one thing. But after spending about two months in London and just getting immersed in the culture and opportunities, I discovered that I don't need to be set on one thing, I can expand on my interest and not be set on one thing. One thing I truly learned throughout this program is that it is important to be flexible and to not be afraid to explore.

Study abroad highlight: I learned how to not only sharpen my professional skills but my communication skills. I struggled a lot with expressing my thoughts in a clear matter. But my London internship site supervisor took the time to understand my perspective and thoughts when we had discussions. He took the time to also be my advisor which I am truly grateful for. He made me realize that it is okay to take your time when you speak and to not be anxious or so worried. He also tapped into my thoughts and challenged me, which has opened and changed my views on different things.  

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