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London is a vibrant, exciting, and culturally rich Global City. With more than 270 nationalities living here, London is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world - there is no “typical Londoner.” You can enjoy cuisine from pretty much any corner of the globe and take part in annual international celebrations such as Diwali and Chinese New Year.
January 10, 2018
thru April 21, 2018
Program Fee: $17,999
Application Deadline October 18, 2017

The London Experience

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Explore the diversity of cosmopolitan London with our My Global City events: Tour Camden, enjoy the food on Brick Lane or visit The Globe.

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Live like a Londoner and stay in shared apartments or opt for a homestay, all within a one-hour commute to the CAPA London Center.

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Choose from a range of program options -Spring, Fall, Summer and short-term, theater, business, the arts, etc. with courses covering just about any major.

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During your internship you'll acquire real-world professional skills. This is a great way to enhance your classroom experience, not to mention your resume!

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When I explored London for the first time, I instantly knew that it was the place for me. I matured so much and learned so much about myself that it made all the effort worthwhile. I can safely say that it was the best semester of my college life.

Jorge Galvez

Clark University

Program Inclusions

  • TuitionEarn 12-18 credits per semester (courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted; internships are 3-6 credits). Credits are issued by the University of Minnesota. Note: some theater courses carry an additional fee to attend live performances.
  • HousingYou can opt to live in homestays or shared apartments, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​all within commuting distance of the CAPA London Center.
  • Local Transit PassA Zone 1-2 London Underground pass is included for use on the Tube (subway) and buses for students living in apartments. Zones 1-3 is included for students in homestay.
  • ActivitiesSocial events including an arrival reception, mid-term dinner and a farewell ceremony.
  • InternshipParticipate in an internship opportunity, earn credit and gain valuable skills. Note: internships in London requires a visa.
  • My Global CityThis program offers a variety of immersive social experiences throughout your program such as feasting on a multi-course curry dinner on Brick Lane or exploring the city on foot to visit famous neighborhoods and historic sites.
  • ExcursionA half-day panoramic coach tour of London, a full-day excursion to Stonehenge and Bath, and one of the following full-day excursions: Stratford-upon-Avon and Kenilworth Castle, Salisbury and Glastonbury, Oxford by Rail, or Brighton by Rail.
  • 24/7 Emergency SupportWe maintain a comprehensive health and safety plan to ensure you have a safe and productive learning experience.
  • InsuranceAs a student in our program, you’ll receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance.
  • SupportThe CAPA London team is available throughout your program to assist and support you 24/7 with any urgent situations.


20th Century British History  

This course surveys how Britain has responded to political, social, and cultural forces during the twentieth century. Topics include: changing perceptions about the role of the state; the decline of empire; the effect of two world wars; economic strategies; the development of multiculturalism; and the role of women with an emphasis on how the lives of ordinary British people have changed during the last century.



  • Writing Intensive
Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: London, Modernity, Empire, and Globalization  

This interdisciplinary course focuses on the modern development of one of the world's most significant global cities in comparative context. It examines London's changing identity as a world city, with a particular emphasis on comparing the city's imperial, postcolonial, and transatlantic connections and the ways in which past and present, local and global intertwine in the capital.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Campaigners, Activists and Radicals: Gender and Citizenship in Modern Europe  

This course analyzes women's claims for citizenship throughout the 20th century from a variety of European perspectives, and charts the ways in which women have adapted to and attempted to challenge the ideological, political, and material conditions of citizenship in 20th century Europe.



Child Development in a British Context  

This course investigates the aims and principles of developmental psychology as a scientific discipline, and describes the methods used to obtain knowledge about children and their development. Issues such as children's early attachments, the development of the self, the emergence of consciousness, and the role of play are examined, with an emphasis on the role of education and child care practices and policies in the UK in shaping children's development.



  • Writing Intensive
Contemporary British Film  

This course charts the development of British film during the period 1994-2012 through the critical study of key films, and examines the way that these films both emerge from and transform the earlier British cinema tradition.



Contemporary Issues Through Service-Learning: The Social Dynamics of London  

This is an interdisciplinary course with a sociological focus, as well as a unique opportunity to become directly involved in the realities of community engagement and grassroots politics through community service placements. It is designed to engage students in critical thought and reflection on urban inequalities in London while examining the historical, sociological, and political context of community service and social, economic, and political exclusion in the UK. This course is 6 credits.



Creative Connections: Advertising and Marketing in Britain  

This course provides an understanding of the ways in which advertising is effectively planned to achieve the objectives set in the overall marketing plan, with reference to London as a global center for creative and production excellence and comparative analysis of British advertising methods and styles. Syllabus is coming soon; contact us for more details.



Detective Fiction: Crime and The City  

This course addresses the development of the modern detective novel, British and American, from the late 19th century into the 21st. The focus of the course will be on cities as sites of criminal imagination, and on detectives as explorers of the city's hidden connections.



Ethics in the Media  

This course addresses the principal ethical issues facing print and broadcast journalism that arise almost daily in media coverage of matters of public controversy, such as crime, war, and privacy. Problems of regulation and codes of practice are also examined alongside London's global importance as a media hub and the distinctive media culture of the UK.



European Government and Politics  

This interdisciplinary course examines the cultural, political, and economic factors that have shaped modern Europe and traces the history of Europe as a cultural and political idea. It also investigates the various processes that have made Europe such a distinctive, dynamic, and highly varied region and analyzes the historical roots of current tensions between - and within - the nation-states of Europe, such as ethnic nationalism and imperial competition.



  • Writing Intensive
Global Internship Program: London (3 credits)  

This course is a unique academic experience that provides students with the opportunity to discuss and analyze theories and models of work organizations in a cross-cultural context. It also creates a framework for personal reflection on issues related to professional development, using the internship experience as a vehicle for students to contextualize and discuss the wider significance of internship activities.



Global Internship Program: London (6 credits)  

This course is a unique academic experience that provides students with the opportunity to discuss and analyze theories and models of work organizations in a cross-cultural context. It also creates a framework for personal reflection on issues related to professional development, using the internship experience as a vehicle for students to contextualize and discuss the wider significance of internship activities.



Global Workforce Management  

This course provides an integrative framework for understanding the business and legal challenges that are associated with effective workforce management around the world.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Comparative Studies of Issues Impacting Education Systems  

The course provides students with an introduction to the school system in their study location and that of the other CAPA study location. There will then be opportunities to compare it to the American system and to other learning communities in the world to better understand how they reflect and perpetuate the cultural values and identity of a country. Students will explore current educational issues from an intercultural perspective and develop their own informed views. At the end of the course students are expected to have acquired a basic knowledge and understanding about the structure and content of contemporary school systems and a capacity to use this knowledge for cross-national comparisons. The insights gained will allow students to consider a key question: how can we all contribute to the school of the future? This course is designed as a CAPA Globally Networked Programme (GNL) connecting CAPA students in different study locations in order to examine issues from a transnational perspective. It will provide a unique opportunity to broaden critical understanding of the role of school system in the identity building process at an individual, social, political and national level. Through collaborative and comparative learning processes in both local environments and transnational communities, students will develop a deeper understanding of the role of school system in shaping values, societies and cultures.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior  

Students will study how theories, research, and current issues in the field of organizational behavior apply in the context of the international workplace.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Economics  

The International Economics module provides an understanding of the key economic issues in the global business environment and an understanding of how global businesses are impacted by real world developments in economics, politics and finance.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Finance  

The International Finance module provides an understanding of finance in the international context. In a globally integrated world, it has become imperative to trade, invest and conduct business operations internationally. The course exposes the students to the opportunities and risks associated with international finance.



International Marketing  

This course will help you develop an understanding of the scope and challenges of marketing in the international context. The course examines how global dimensions technology, research, capital investment and production impact marketing, distribution and communication networks.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Internet 2.0  

The adoption of the Internet has taken place at an astonishing rate. Yet what are the effects of this technology on our personal and political lives? This course will examine the history, effects, uses, problems, and hopes for the technology.



Islam, Politics, and Britain: A Case Study of London's East End  

This course examines how multiethnic diversity shapes and defines our understanding of modern Britain, through a specific focus on Muslim communities in London and the nature of their interactions with wider society. Students analyze the ways in which imperialism and its legacy, as well as Britain's global relationships, have influenced political policies and social attitudes toward multiculturalism and Muslim groups in particular.



Literature and the Environment  

This course examines the ways in which writers in English have engaged with the natural environment. We will read a range of authors, from the advent of industrialization in the late eighteenth century up to the present age of climate change, to consider how they have celebrated the natural world and looked critically at human effects on ecosystems. Throughout, we will be attentive both to the literary qualities of writings about the environment and to their historical and political contexts.



Managing Global Supply Chains  

The focus of this course will be on key issues within operations that are of relevance in a firm's ability to remain competitive in a global economy. Examples of companies collaborating across the globe will be used in the teaching and learning of Supply Chain Management.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Modern Art in London: From Sublime to Ridiculous?  

This course examines modern works of art from the late nineteenth century through to the present. The course begins by analyzing the ways in which the seeds of Modern Art were sown at the end of the nineteenth century, before moving on to work made during the twentieth century - particularly art produced in response to the First and Second World Wars; and culminates with reference to contemporary practice.



  • Writing Intensive
Post-War British Pop Culture  

This course will look at some key theories of popular culture, and include case studies of selected examples from the British Isles since 1945. The main aim will be to enable students to think independently about this topic. It will compare British and American experiences of popular culture, the differences, similarities and cross-influences.



  • Writing Intensive
Queer Studies and LGBTQ Life in London  

This course analyses the relationship between sexuality and London's history since the late nineteenth century to the present day. As a Queer Studies course, a central theme will be how understandings of sexuality have changed over the last one hundred years. We will particularly consider how western identity terms, such as bisexual, gay, lesbian, straight and transgender are relatively recent inventions and are largely the creation of colonial trajectories and the late nineteenth-century western medical gaze.



Research Methods London  

This course provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to undertake a research project in the context of their international education experience. Students opting for this course will be guided towards opportunities recommended by CAPA and determined by local resources and expertise. Students will be introduced to core research concepts and will develop research skills through designing, executing, writing, and presenting their own research project within frameworks designed by CAPA. The topics that students will explore will be con-sistent with their majors and their own individual interests but will exploit the overseas experience.



Shakespeare and London  

A selection of Shakespeare's plays (from his early, middle, and late periods) is explored to uncover his style and craft within the genres of comedy, history, and tragedy. Ultimately, students engage in Shakespeare's timelessness and learn to appreciate how vitally his ideas, themes, and concepts move from the concerns of his day to our own. Students will pay $70 for this course upon arrival in London, which pays for theater tickets.



  • Writing Intensive
The Aesthetics of Power, Prestige and Social Change: A Survey of Renaissance through Modern Art History  

This course is an introduction to art and to the discipline of art history enlivened through regular field studies at London's many museums, galleries and heritage sites. We study works of art, architecture and design from the 15th century through to the mid-20th century.



Theater in the City  

This course places students at the heart of the experience of theatre. Topics include the qualities, conditions, and boundaries of drama; audience engagement; philosophical issues raised by the theatrical experience; the origins of theatre; the changing roles of performers and spectators over time; and the theater's prospects in the 21st century. Students will pay $70 for this course upon arrival in London, which pays for theater tickets.



  • Writing Intensive
Understanding Modern Britain  

One of the most effective ways of understanding a nation is by examining the images, values, symbols, and individuals by which a nation represents itself. This multi-disciplinary course explores a variety of forms of national representations, ideals and icons to investigate the ways in which modern Britain and British identities have been imagined, constructed, and experienced at home and internationally.



Witchcraft and Magical Performance in London  

This course will chart the representation of the occult in the city from the Early Modern period to the present day. Focusing particularly on the performance and presentation of occult and magical phenomena and its reception by the general public and social elites during specific time periods, the course will offer students the opportunity to understand why magic has fascinated us and continues to do so. Students will pay $40 for this course upon arrival in London, which pays for theater tickets.



Writing A Play: The Art and Craft of Making Theatre  

This course will introduce the student to the variety of skills required to write a stage play. Beginning with a range of stimuli from their experience of London people, places, events and ideas, students will develop their ideas into fully-fledged one-act plays. Focusing on a toolbox approach, and carefully considering the various elements of dialogue, characterization, structure and themes, the course will culminate in the presentation of a reading of each writer's play at CAPA's studio facility: The Street. Each play will be read by a group of professional actors. Students will pay $40 for this course upon arrival in London, which pays for theater tickets.



  • Writing Intensive
Writing the City: London  

This course looks at the impact of the city on the craft of creative writing and explores how various subjects like the river, urban spaces, solitude, ethnicity, or particular districts function in London narratives. It examines the role of memory and experience in literary psycho-geographical accounts of the metropolis.



  • Writing Intensive

The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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