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Earn 6 Credits in Just 4 Weeks!

Global Perspectives on Healthcare and Nursing

Interested in nursing, midwifery, and medical practice? Learn how historical and social change has influenced the development of nursing functions and examine how ethics, sociology, religion, law, economics, and philosophy have affected clinical practice and the impact these have had on the role of nurses and midwives.

This short-term, accelerated summer program on the Global Perspectives on Nursing and Comparative Healthcare is a unique opportunity to gain a new perspective on nursing and to compare the healthcare systems of the US and the UK and explore questions of universal healthcare, including issues of inequality in accessing it.

July 14, 2019
thru August 10, 2019
Program Fee: $4,995
Application Deadline April 19, 2019

The London Experience

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Spend 1 day at Stonehenge and Bath. While in London, explore the diversity of this cosmopolitan city with our My Global City events like touring Camden or enjoying the food on Brick Lane.

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Live like a Londoner and stay in shared apartments within a one-hour commute to the CAPA London center.

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This is a short-term accelerated program composed of two courses on the History of Nursing and Comparative Healthcare - worth 3 credits each - and includes guest lectures, site visits, and entrances to the Florence Nightingale Museum.

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Short-Term Programs

CAPA short-term and accelerated programs are a great study abroad option if you are concerned about cost or time constraints.

When I explored London for the first time, I instantly knew that it was the place for me. I matured so much and learned so much about myself that it made all the effort worthwhile. I can safely say that it was the best semester of my college life.

Jorge Galvez

Clark University

Program Inclusions

  • TuitionEarn 6 credits in just 4 short weeks!
  • HousingYou will live in centrally located shared apartments all within commuting distance to the CAPA center.
  • Local Transit PassA Zone 1-2 London Underground pass is included for use on the Tube (subway) and buses.
  • ActivitiesSocial events include a panoramic tour, an arrival reception and a farewell ceremony.
  • My Global CityThese events may include a Jack the Ripper Walking tour, or self-directed activities such as touring London’s markets or exploring the City’s Green Spaces.
  • ExcursionFull-day excursion to Stonehenge and Bath.
  • 24/7 Emergency SupportCAPA maintains a comprehensive health and safety plan with staff available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.
  • InsuranceAs a student in our program, you’ll receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance.
  • SupportThe CAPA team is available throughout your program to assist and support you 24/7 with any urgent situations.


Comparative Healthcare Systems  

This course will introduce students to the healthcare system in the UK and the context within which it operates. It will start by looking at the introduction of the National Health System (NHS) in 1948 and take students through the key changes that have taken place right up to the present day. Drawing on a series of cases studies, students will be able to compare the UK model of healthcare with other healthcare systems such as in the USA, France, Sweden and/or from low and middle income countries. Students will explore a range of key concepts and themes in comparative healthcare from a multidisciplinary perspective. They will also develop critical appraisal skills to assess the quality of evidence used to support developments in healthcare policy and practice and help students to look critically at the role that governmental and non-governmental organisations play in healthcare.



Global Perspective on Nursing and Midwifery History  

The course will focus on major influences in the development of nursing practice from the perspectives of medical, nursing and midwifery history. Case studies will be drawn from London, the UK and continental Europe, with comparative perspectives from the rest of the world where appropriate. Topics will include the impacts of social change, evolving attitudes to care, and the role of the Enlightenment, French Revolution and American Independence, as well as the transition from Agrarian to Industrial Society in shaping cultures and practices of nursing care. The course will also consider the specific contributions made by Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Mrs Bedford-Fenwick to nursing practice. The course will examine the ways in which religion, philosophy, ethics, law, sociology and economics have affected clinical practice and their influence on the professional role and practice of nurses and midwives. Students will be encouraged to reflect on the historical changes that have had a particular impact on patients, their families and the wider public.



The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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