Internal Operations

Abby Kidder circle headshot

Abby Kidder
Director of Internal Operations

Prior to CAPA, she was the President and Executive Director for the World Ocean School, an organization she founded in 2001. After building the company to a sustainable level, she handed it over to a new management team and moved into private philanthropic consulting for a couple of years.

While she still does consulting for nonprofits and individuals in her spare time, she took on a full-time role in the Office of the President for CAPA in 2018. As the Director of Internal Operations, Abby works across departments and sites to support and guide the structure and function of daily operations. Identifying gaps, finding solutions to challenges, and actively managing change, she engages with all staff to maintain a strong foundation from which the company’s mission can be accomplished. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Masters'i n Environmental Ethics and is still active on nonprofit Boards and within the Philanthropy community.

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Mark Rolli
Global IT Manager