Go Beyond with CAPA

Our focus on global cities creates a world of possibilities. You'll live and learn surrounded by new ideas and innovation. We offer exceptional and exciting opportunities for academic study and personal and professional growth.

Learn Globally

When studying abroad with CAPA you’ll participate in our innovative Globally Networked Learning model which allows you to explore cutting-edge topics with students and faculty in other CAPA global city locations. You’ll work cooperatively to plan and develop ideas, and complete class projects. These teaching and learning opportunities can lead to deep friendships that last a lifetime!

Real Skills for the Real World

While it starts with a term abroad, the focus of our mission is to prepare you for future success by creating opportunities that offer a greater return beyond an amazing educational experience. Whether you’re starting your career or you’re applying to graduate schools after graduation, we help you build valuable skills through our comprehensive student learning and personal and professional development outcomes.

Programs that Fit the Needs of ALL Students

Undoubtedly studying abroad offers students an invaluable experience, but issues of cost, timing, opportunity, etc. can make it challenging for some to take part. At CAPA we work with you to find a program that fits your personal needs and allows you to get the most from your investment as you create experiences and memories you will cherish forever!  

Go Beyond with CAPA

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Through our global cities focus the best the world has to offer is yours!

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We provide you with an opportunity unlike any other to make profound global connections with people and ideas.

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The knowledge and skills you’ll gain during your experience will go far beyond a standard study abroad program.

I learned far more than I had expected. It was more than worthwhile. You learn from CAPA staff, other students in the program, tons of international students, your internship site, and the best friends you make.

Aydali Campa

Arizona State University

Global Learning Approach

We teach in global cities rich with culture, history, languages and lifestyles.

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