Global Seminars - Summer Study Abroad Programs

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Global Seminars are three to four-week, 3-6 credit summer programs providing students with the opportunity to study a particular topic in a comprehensive way within a short timeframe. Global Seminars are designed to be powerful, short-term, serious learning abroad experiences.  

Whether you study the project management in Sydney, learn about the history of slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave trade in Accra, explore issues related to human rights in Dublin, compare international healthcare systems in Buenos Aires, or delve into the issues surrounding unjust incarceration while you’re in London, you will expand your global perspective. 

In these Seminars, you will be part of a “community of scholars” with other students interested in studying the Seminar’s topic in this intensive way. You will also participate in special events that take place outside the classroom – each Seminar includes site visits allowing you the opportunity to actively engage with the topic within your global city.

Summer 2017 Global Seminars:



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