There was an explosion on an Underground train in the Parsons Green area of London at 8:20AM BST today, resulting in multiple injuries (none reported to be life-threatening). CAPA activated its Locator Plan following this incident and has confirmed the well-being of all students. Our sympathies are with those affected by this incident.  (Last updated Sep 15, 11:19AM EST)

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Beyond Study Abroad. Empowering Global Perspectives.

CAPA The Global Education Network is committed to academic excellence, integrity and innovation in learning abroad. We provide meaningful experiences that challenge and inspire students to analyze and explore complex political, cultural and social landscapes within urban environments. Using collaborative learning communities and global connections via technology, we prepare students to live and work in a globally interdependent and diverse world.


Over 300 leading institutions choose CAPA The Global Education Network as their trusted Study Abroad partner


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Our Program Models

We offer 5 distinct program models to meet the needs of students and institutions of all sizes and types

Global Cities

Our Semester and Summer term academic programs are located in complex and fascinating global cities where students explore and analyze these urban environments through in-classroom study and out-of-classroom experiences.

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Global Institutes

Our certificate programs are designed to provide students with a sharply focused and intensive curriculum in specific areas of academic interest including global business, civic engagement and the creative arts.

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Global Custom Programs

With our collaborative approach our faculty-led programs are tailored exactly to your institution’s specifications. We take care of everything, ensuring that the program fits your needs and the needs of your students.

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Global Seminars

These short-term Summer programs allow students to engage in rigorous and focused study of one specific topic such as Wrongful Conviction in London, the History of Nursing also in London, or the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Accra.

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Global Internships

Career preparation is integral to our programs, and with over 700 internship partners around the world, we provide students real-world professional experience with a global perspective. We’re fueling success as students build personal and professional skills.

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Go Beyond with CAPA

The CAPA Approach

We are a trusted leader in international education. For more than 40 years we have pushed the boundaries of traditional study abroad. We go beyond with an innovative approach to teaching and learning in global cities.

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Personal & Professional Development Focus

We never lose sight of the uniqueness of the students who participate in our programs. We work to assist them in the development of their personal and professional skills which enhances their employability and graduate studies.

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Diverse Program Options in Global Cities

With a range of programs including semester-long, short-term intensive, internship, certificate, institute, and customized faculty-led, students can explore social, political, and cultural urban environments within some of the most diverse cities in the world.

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Globally Networked Learning

Our collaborative approach to global teaching and learning offers students a range of educational opportunities facilitated by technology. Students and faculty across CAPA’s global cities work together and engage in comparative analysis and transnational projects.

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Learning Outcomes for Your Students

CAPA has created distinctive student learning and development outcomes that are woven throughout our curriculum. These outcomes are focused on understanding and observing the impact of globalization, urban environments, social dynamics, and diversity.

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A Study Abroad Partnership

CAPA partners with institutions of higher education across the U.S. Our partners trust us to take care of every detail including program development, pre-departure services, in-country logistics, and comprehensive, expert support for students. Students are guided every step of the way.

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