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Symposium: Empires of the Mind? (Post)colonialism and Decolonizing Education Abroad


CAPA’s 9th Annual Symposium, Empires of the Mind?  (Post)colonialism and Decolonizing Education Abroad will be held in conjunction with the 7th Annual Diversity Abroad Conference.

CAPA recognizes that this area of discussion is timely, topical and in alignment with an equity and inclusion agenda. It also follows Diversity Abroad’s innovative and creative commitment to “brave space.” We are grateful for Diversity Abroad’s leadership in this area.  This symposium creates a space for debate, accord and discord in brave space.  This topic will also form the basis of the 9th CAPA Occasional Publication.

The theory and practice of colonialism embedded the primacy of a set of structures and ideologies derived from a hierarchy of power that was substantially European, white, male, heterosexual, and Christian. This has been challenged by the emergence of diverse voices, alternative histories, and political dissent from orthodoxies.  Collectively, these define what we broadly characterize as post-colonial or postcolonial. There are two distinctive narratives. The first - (“post-colonial”) - is historical, relating to the continuing legacies of empire and colonialism. The second - (“postcolonial”) - takes colonialism as a metaphor for unjustly unbalanced power relations in the past and present-future. Postcolonialism (without the hyphen) thus refers to theoretical approaches and liberation movements that recognize, and represent, historical and ongoing struggles for equity and justice. The colonial-postcolonial dichotomy requires international education to rethink its agenda: what is taught, how it is taught, who teaches it, where it is taught. The priority is to understand and identify embedded assumptions, where and if they exist, to deconstruct implicit values.

Event Date and Location

March 3, 2019 @ 1:00 PM