Learning & Development Outcomes

We make students active participants in their development.

CAPA's Student Learning and Development Outcomes (SLDOs) help students create a deeper understanding of the future value of their experiences abroad. By achieving these outcomes, students are well-equipped to articulate what they have learned abroad to graduate schools and/or future employers.

CAPA’s Student Learning and Development Outcomes are incorporated into all aspects of the CAPA experience: the classroom and coursework, experiential activities such as internships and field studies, and other program details such as housing and navigating the city.

Everything our students do as part of their study abroad program is an opportunity to achieve outcomes relating to globalization, urban environments, social dynamics, diversity, and personal and professional development.


Students are able to recognize, describe, and interpret examples of the impact of globalization in the urban environment.

Urban Environments

Students are able to explore and analyze the spaces they inhabit, and reflect on differences and similarities between their home and other environments.

Social Dynamics

Students are able to understand concepts of and implications of the realities of power, privilege, and inequality in urban environments.


Students are able to describe, interpret, and respect the differences and similarities within their student community and between their home country and the host country.

Personal and Professional Development

Students will recognize the development of skills relative to personal and professional development and career preparedness: networking; communications; remote collaboration; global perspective; cultural awareness; organization, time management and prioritization; problem solving; adaptability; goal setting; and career-based or vocational skills.

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