Globally Networked Learning

A learning and teaching approach, specific to CAPA, Globally Networked Learning allows faculty and students to work collaboratively with others across the globe. Facilitated by a robust technology system, students go beyond the traditional classroom experience as they learn from each other and compare perspectives. Through this mechanism, we go beyond teaching about globalization to teaching globally. 

Student Learning & Development Outcomes

We have developed a series of learning and development objectives covering Globalization, Urban Environments, Social Dynamics, Diversity, and Personal & Professional Development. These outcomes are integrated into the curriculum, co-curricular strategies, and overall student experience.

Standards for Online Teaching and Learning

CAPA recognizes that online learning is a robust and flexible educational tool that can enhance global education. CAPA is deeply committed to the benefits of student mobility and does not see online provision as a replacement for physical mobility, but as a pedagogy that can be harnessed to teaching and learning liberated from geographical restraints. Mobility of mind is at the heart of this academic agenda.

My Global City

My Global City co-curricular programming offers students a guided approach to explore their new urban environments that includes social events and cultural activities relevant to their fields of study and personal interests. These activities are informed by our Learning Outcomes: globalization, urban environments, social dynamics, and diversity.

Schools of Record Relationship

We work with highly respected institutions of higher education to grant credit for our programs abroad. These partner institutions provide official transcripts for all students who successfully complete their program.

Library of Record

We are the first study abroad organization to offer a common library resource on a transnational scale. Through a partnership with the State University of New York, faculty and students have easy and immediate access to all the online academic resources this comprehensive university system has to offer.

Academic Advisory Board

The members of our Academic Advisory Board play a key role in counseling us on the development and maintenance of our global academic program centers, including student services, academic life, and curriculum. The board is composed of faculty and administrative experts in the field of education abroad.

Academic Integrity

Based on academic rigor and integrity in strict adherence to the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice, our academic programs are intentionally designed to encourage students to engage in a critical analysis of the city in which they are living in and studying. Quality assurance is achieved by both internal and external reviews and assessments that are transparent and ongoing.

CAPA has set itself apart from other study abroad providers by delivering the very best in academics, the most valuable internship experiences, and a comprehensive and immersive study abroad experience for students. CAPA continues to excel by incorporating research about student careers and by setting up the Globally Networked Learning model; Global Cities program; Global Seminars; Global Institutes in Business, Civic Engagement, and Creative Arts—all while being at the forefront of implementing the newest learning technologies.

Dr. Simran Sahi, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Economics

University of Minnesota