Global Short-term Programs

CAPA offers powerful, short-term learning abroad experiences each summer. These programs focus on a global trend or event that is topical to that city and is organized around a curriculum built on a framework of in-depth reading, thinking, and discussion.

In these programs, students become part of a community of scholars engaged in intensive study of a particular topic while also living and partaking in special events together. Events may include site visits, conferences, festivals, guest lectures, and other academic experiential activities that give students the opportunity to actively engage with the topic within their city.

CAPA Short-term Programs are an ideal study abroad opportunity for students worried about time and/or have financial constraints. Students will earn 6 credits in just a 4 weeks!

2019 CAPA Short-term Programs

Global Health: London  

This short-term, accelerated summer program compares the healthcare systems of the US and the UK and explores questions of universal healthcare, including issues of inequality in accessing it.


Travel Writing: London  

This four-week, accelerated summer program will enable students to experience and understand the richness and complexity of British culture and explore those experiences in writing. This program is composed of a course on travel writing taught by best-selling author Professor Michael Meyer as well as a course on British popular culture. 


Wrongful Conviction: London  

This short-term, accelerated program is a unique opportunity to explore real cases of wrongful conviction with a pioneer in the field. Professor Justin Brooks, head of the California Innocence Project, has spent his career working to exonerate wrongfully convicted people. His high profile cases, including that of pro football player Brian Banks, have garnered media attention from TEDx, Time Magazine, LA Times, and others.