Global Institutes

What is a Global Institute?

Global Institutes are certificate programs designed to provide students with a sharply focused curriculum concentrated around a specific area of academic interest.

Each Institute includes an internship or service-learning placement. This active engagement complements and supports the Institute’s courses, leading to a breadth of learning beyond the norm.

We offer the following Global Institutes:

The [Global Business] Institute takes study abroad to the next level by allowing the students to embed themselves in the local culture while taking business courses and completing guaranteed international internships. It’s hard for me to express how strategically important to a student’s future career this will be.

Dr. Audrey J. Murrell, Associate Dean

University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration

About the Certificate Program

Students enrolled in a Global Institute can earn a Certificate of Study, which is awarded upon successfully completing the 15 credit requirement and research project. This certificate formally recognizes the students’ concentrated knowledge in the field of study and enhances their transcript.

Within the Global Institute students can choose to participate in a guaranteed internship or service-learning placement to earn credits toward their certificate.

The Global Business Institute is a unique partnership with the University of Pittsburgh's College of Business Administration. Students who successfully complete this Institute’s requirements receive a Certificate of Study in Global Business and a transcript from the University of Pittsburgh.

CAPA provides the Certificate of Study for all other Global Institutes.

Explore Our Global Institutes

Whether students choose to take on community activism in London or strengthen their global business skills in Florence or Shanghai, they will gain a unique advantage through the specialized learning opportunities found in the Global Institutes.

Global Institutes are offered at most of our global city locations, each exploring an academic area of interest.

Learn more about the specific Global Institute offered in these locations