What is a Global City?

These metropolises transcend city limits and national boundaries to impact the arts, sciences, and politics, inspiring dynamic and rapid change within their home countries and around the world. It is in these cities that the forces of globalization are most apparent.

Global cities are sites for exploration, discovery and analysis of how each location has been imagined, invented and transformed and how each city has helped shape the modern world, making them an ideal study abroad destination.

Shanghai’s catapult into economic success has drawn a lot of attention from other countries, and now it is known as a global megacity. This means that there are a plethora of influences from all over the world that impact local business and tourism. While studying abroad in Shanghai, I saw and met people from all over the world such as Africa, India, the UK, Latin America, and Australia, to name a few.

Rashad Williams

Hampton University

Go Beyond with CAPA

Our Global Cities programs have been specifically designed to give students deeper insights into the power of globalization and what it means in a rapidly-changing world.

We do not have programs all over the world. Choosing global cities for our program locations is intentional. We focus on global cities because they offer a rich field of academic potential -- they are multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multi-cultural, complex and always changing.

Regardless of which global city students choose to study in, they will find exceptional and exciting opportunities for academic study along with personal and professional growth.

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