Our Executive Team

Melissa Hardin

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Melissa oversees all aspects of CAPA’s academic affairs, working closely with our faculty and our institution partners to manage and further develop the quality of CAPA’s academic offerings.

Melissa has more than two decades of experience as an international education professional, most recently as the Assistant Dean for International Studies at Ursinus College where she oversaw all aspects of study abroad advising and managed relationships with program partners. She also brings extensive experience in teaching Spanish language and literature as well as in curriculum development, implementation and assessment. Formerly a member of the Academic Advisory Board for CAPA (serving as chair from 2012 to 2019), she has participated in or chaired five-year reviews of CAPA programs in Florence, London and Sydney.  She is also a certified QUIP Peer Reviewer for the Forum on Education Abroad for which she has conducted external reviews of study abroad programs and offices in the U.S, Europe, and Latin America. She frequently presents at conferences and engages with peers in regional, national and international professional associations.

Melissa received a Fulbright Scholars Program grant for the International Education Administrators Seminar in Japan in 2013 and in 2017 the Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE) bestowed upon her the David A. Portlock Outstanding International Educator Award. Melissa holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with a Ph.D. in Spanish Languages and Literature from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Phi Beta Kappa), Middlebury College, and Washington University in St. Louis, respectively.