There was an explosion on an Underground train in the Parsons Green area of London at 8:20AM BST today, resulting in multiple injuries (none reported to be life-threatening). CAPA activated its Locator Plan following this incident and has confirmed the well-being of all students. Our sympathies are with those affected by this incident.  (Last updated Sep 15, 11:19AM EST)

Our Executive Team

Gunnar Link

Chief Financial Officer

Gunnar joined CAPA in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to CAPA, he held senior finance roles within the EF group in Boston. Gunnar began his professional career in California after receiving his Economics degree from Santa Clara University. In 2008, Gunnar returned to SCU to complete an Accounting degree and then he received his California CPA designation in 2009. In 2010, Gunnar returned to Boston to pursue a Masters in Applied Economics and, apart from two short years in London, that is where he has remained.

Gunnar enjoys traveling and currently spends his free time exploring the southern hemisphere. His most recent adventures include South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina.