Our Executive Team

David Enda

Vice President of Institutional Relations and Marketing

David began his international education career with CAPA in California as a Program Development Consultant in 2002, where his primary responsibility was building custom faculty-led programs with U.S. institutions in the Southeast. In 2005, David relocated to CAPA’s Boston headquarters to lead the newly established Institutional Relations team. He became Vice President of Institutional Relations in 2007, and over the following years served in a number of different leadership roles including Vice President of U.S. Operations and Vice President of Marketing. He also served on CAPA’s Board of Directors/Boundary team.

David received a BA in Business Management and Finance from Concordia University. His passion for international education came from his own study and internship experience in London during the fall semester of his junior year. David is an active contributor in the international education field, presenting at conferences such as NAFSA, CIEE, and GIC.

In his free time, David is an avid traveler and, if he is not on a trip, he is usually planning one. His favorite places to seek out generally are amazing hiking trails.