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This program is ideal for business students!

Imagine being in the heart of one of the world’s powerhouses learning about the European Union and the culture of a global city’s work environment, both in the classroom and at your internship site.

The Global Business Institute is a certificate program, in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration (an AACSB accredited institution), offering you business-focused courses and an internship placement where you can personalize your experience to best fit your interests.  A Certificate of Study in Global Business and a transcript from the University of Pittsburgh is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Note: Previous academic experience in business is required. See if this program is right for you, chat with an Admissions Advisor at 800.793.0334 today!

September 6, 2019
thru December 14, 2019
Program Fee: $15,995
Application Deadline June 14, 2019

The CAPA Florence Experience

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Explore the diversity of cosmopolitan Florence with our My Global City events: walk through secret rooms at Palazzo Vecchio, learn to cook an Italian specialty for dinner or go for a hike in the Tuscan hills.

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Live like a Florentine and stay in shared apartments or opt for a homestay. Note: homestays incur a supplementary fee and includes daily breakfast and dinnerPlus, CAPA offers students Health & Wellness support.

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Required curriculum: four Business Courses or three Business Courses plus an Internship, and one elective in the humanities.

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During your internship you'll acquire real-world professional skills from a global business perspective. This is a great way to enhance your classroom experience and your resume!

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Through CAPA Florence, I was set up with an apartment with local Italian neighbors one block from the best gelato place in town, courses relevant to the city, other awesome students to share my experience with, a museum pass so I could see the David as many times as I wanted, and a supportive staff willing to help out with anything!

Dee Liang

University of Colorado

Program Inclusions

  • TuitionEach Global Business Institute course is worth 3 credits. To receive a Certificate of Study in Global Business, you must complete a total of 12-15 credits.
  • HousingYou can opt to live in shared apartments or a homestay (with your own room and two meals a day), all within commuting distance to the CAPA center. Homestays incur a supplementary fee.
  • Local Transit PassA Florence bus pass is included.
  • ActivitiesSocial events include an arrival reception, a mid-term dinner and a farewell ceremony. The program includes a cooking class with a professional chef and a free entrance to a Florence museum of your choice. Volunteer opportunities are also available.
  • InternshipParticipate in a part-time internship opportunity, earn 3 credits and gain valuable skills. Note: you must have at least 2 semesters of Italian language to participate.
  • My Global CityCAPA-led events in the first weeks of the program include a walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo for stunning views over the city of Florence and a hike in the nearby hills, followed by dinner in one of the best pizzerias in town. Other activities, often self-guided, reflect what is on in the city at the time and may include a walking tour to the most important markets of Florence, tasting typical Italian snacks, a night at the Opera or attending soccer match at the Florence Stadium.
  • ExcursionFull-day excursions to Siena, famous for its art, history, and Palio horse race, and to the walled town of San Gimignano, with its 14 medieval towers.
  • 24/7 Emergency SupportWe maintain a comprehensive health and safety plan to ensure you have a safe and productive learning experience.
  • InsuranceAs a student in our program, you’ll receive our medical, travel, and accident insurance.
  • SupportThe CAPA Florence team is available throughout your program to assist and support you 24/7 with any urgent situations.

fall Courses


Choose four FLOR BUSN courses or three FLOR BUSN courses and FLOR INTP 3347 Global Internship Workshop, plus one humanities course: 


A Cultural History of Florence from the Renaissance to Present  

This course will introduce students to the cultural history of Florence from the Renaissance until the most recent cultural developments of the city between the 20th and 21st century, paying a particular attention to the Florentine attitude in such period towards tourists and foreign college students who each year decide to experience this unique city and its unique cultural environment.



Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Florence  

This course analyzes the dynamics that shape the identity and urban landscape of Florence by applying both the notion of globalization and the socio-cultural forces at play in an interdisciplinary perspective and by making use of Florence as a research field.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Beginner Italian Language 1  

This is an intensive course designed for students with no prior knowledge of Italian language to achieve the basics to communicate in everyday life. The teacher will explain the fundamental knowledge of grammar, phonetics, morphology and syntax using a functional-situational approach.



Beginner Italian Language 2  

This is an intensive 65-hour course designed for students who have already taken one semester of Italian. The goal is to refine previously acquired linguistic skills and analyze the usage of new grammar structures.



Beginning Composition Drawing  

This course introduces students to the fundamental approaches, techniques, and mediums of drawing while focusing on various aspects of the Renaissance city of Florence as subject matter.



Beginning Figurative Sculpture  

Figurative sculpture is a basic studio course designed for beginners and intermediate students and explores the skills and techniques necessary to approach clay modeling.



Beginning Oil Painting  

This introductory course is designed to examine the materials and techniques of this versatile medium within the framework of the Renaissance city of Florence.



Contemporary Italian Cinema: Contemporary Italy on the Screen  

This course introduces students to contemporary Italy's major issues like immigration, acceptance of diversity, relationships with politics, and racism through recently released films.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Cross Cultural Psychology  

This course introduces and explores the field of cross-cultural psychology through a focus on Italy. Aspects of cross-cultural analysis such as cultural influence on human behavior, attitudes, values, communication, and societal organization from the field of cross- cultural psychology are discussed.



Florence and The Florentine in the Divine Comedy and Decameron  

The course will introduce students to the Florentine literary world, focusing on great masterpieces (in English translation) from the 14th to the 16th century. A multidisciplinary approach, dealing with social, political, historical and philosophical implications will provide further understanding by placing Dante's Vita Nuova and Comedy, Boccaccio's Decameron, and Machiavelli's The Prince in a comprehensive cultural context where special emphasis will be given to the impact that the Medieval/Renaissance city of Florence had in their writing.



Global Internship Workshop  

The Global Internship Workshop is a unique and innovative opportunity for students to combine their internship placement (and living abroad) experience with a weekly in-class educational and mentoring experience (session), which aims to develop students' personal and professional skills while earning academic credit. The Global Internship Workshop fits in with CAPA's philosophy and practice of Globally Networked Learning, whereby students can learn about the social and cultural context of their internship placement and the host region and country, as well as other Global Internship Workshop themes, through comparative global analysis. At times, this analysis will be facilitated through a selection of CAPA Masterclasses given by leading professionals from a diverse range of fields. Thus, the weekly discussion-based sessions with their active learning approach, gives students the opportunity to discuss and analyze theories and models of work, critical thinking and organizational behavior and management in a cross-cultural context.



Global Workforce Management  

This course provides an integrative framework for understanding the business and legal challenges that are associated with effective workforce management around the world.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Intermediate Italian Language 1  

This is an intensive 65-hour course for students who have already taken two semesters of Italian. The goal is to develop skills in understanding and speaking everyday Italian in different common situations.



Intermediate Italian Language 2  

This is an intensive 65-hour course for students who have already taken three semesters of Italian. The goal is to develop skills in understanding and speaking Italian in different common situations, but at a higher level.



International Economics  

The course provides an understanding of the key economic issues in the global business environment and an understanding of how global businesses are impacted by real world developments in economics, politics and finance. The five broad topics covered in the course are: Globalization, Country Differences, Cross-Border Trade & Investment, the Global Monetary System, and Competing in a Global Market Place.



  • Globally Networked Learning
International Marketing  

This course will help you develop an understanding of the scope and challenges of marketing in the international context. The course examines how the global dimensions technology, research, capital investment and production impact marketing, distribution and communication networks. The breadth of this course will provide insights into the increasingly interdependent global economic and physical environment and its impact on international marketing.



  • Globally Networked Learning
Museology. The Art of collecting Objects  

This course investigates the birth of art collections and museums from the Roman porticos to the 19th century European museums. Through site visits and class lessons students learn to understand the role of museums in contemporary society.



Political & Economic History of Europe in the Twentieth Century  

This course offers a general survey of the history of Europe in the 20th century, focusing on major political and economic movements and events. It also considers relevant national and international environments.



Renaissance Art History  

Using Florence as a classroom, this course introduces students to a broad range of painting, sculpture, and architecture from the great projects of the Middle Ages to a special focus on major works of the Renaissance period.



Writing the Global City: Florence Reading and Creating Travel Writing  

This course is a creative writing workshop keyed to exploring the experience of traveling and living abroad in Florence in either verse or prose texts.



  • Globally Networked Learning

The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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