CAPA is pleased to announce that Australia is now open to all vaccinated international visitors. CAPA will begin programming in Sydney in May

Financial aid may be available for you to pay for all or part of your program through your home institution. The following information details the most important facts about CAPA and your potential financial aid eligibility.

Should you decide to apply for Financial Aid, you must complete CAPA’s Financial Aid Disbursement Form and submit it to your campus Financial Aid Office immediately, no later than 120 days prior to program departure. This will give your Financial Aid Officer time to process your request.

After your form is completed, you must return it to CAPA via mail, fax, or email. It is your responsibility to return it to CAPA no later than 70 days prior to departure to be eligible for the deferred payment schedule.

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the CAPA application form and send in the $300 deposit.
  • Set up an appointment to meet with your Financial Aid Advisor as soon as possible. They will advise what types of aid are available and what amount(s) you are eligible to receive.
  • Work with your Financial Aid Advisor/Officer to complete the Financial Aid Disbursement Form. 
  • Return the completed form to CAPA no later than 70 days prior to departure along with your 30% payment. Failure to send both by the deadline could result in the cancellation of your application.
  • 30% of the Program Fee is due at 70 days prior to departure even if your are waiting for Financial Aid to be disbursed. You will be assessed a $100 late fee, and your application is subject to cancellation from the program if you do not submit this amount.
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1098-T Forms
CAPA The Global Education Network is not considered an eligible higher education institution under the Department of Education and therefore does not issue 1098-T forms. The student’s home institution should be issuing the 1098-T form, especially if the home institution bills the program fees to the student’s institutional account. If the student pays CAPA directly, there is no guarantee that the student will be able to use the educational costs of the program to file for the Education Tax Credits, since CAPA does not report these costs to the IRS as eligible tuition costs. We are happy to provide students who paid CAPA directly and would like to consult a professional tax advisor, with a copy of their account statement showing their accounts paid in full.