Danielle Amaddeo

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George Mason University
Danielle Amaddeo

Major: Communications

Favorite class abroad: Contemporary Italian Cinema.

Every class I would enjoy a new film in Italian that provided a guided visual into what life in Italy is actually like for Italians. In coming to Florence, I had an American perspective. But this cinema class introduced me to many cultural aspects of Italy that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I also really enjoyed teaming up with the CAPA Sydney program in completing my final project. Collaborating with students who were across the world studying a completely different culture was a great learning experience that really expanded my classroom expectations. 

Study abroad highlights:  I learned independence and adaptability throughout my time abroad. I discovered my passions, weakness and overall I really got to know myself better when I was thrown into a new culture and had to learn how to adapt quickly. Traveling to new countries on the weekends helped expand my worldview and furthered self-discoveries that I made about myself.  I started writing about each new experience and I developed an expanded perspective on life and cultures. I began to be more confident when trying new activities (and food) and the benefits of discovering new things. Within the first month, I was able to learn an entire new vocabulary in Italian and connect with individuals from a different culture. The relationships that I developed with locals are irreplaceable, because I was able to discover an outlook on the world that was culturally different from my own.  All of these aspects of being abroad changed my life forever. 

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