Ciara Kilian

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Clark University
Ciara Kilian

Majors: Political Science; Cultural Studies & Communication

Internship abroad: Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre

Pavee Point is a non-governmental organization based in the Northside of the city that aims to promote human rights for Irish Travellers— one of the marginalized ethnic minority groups in Ireland. As a member of the organization’s Primary Health Care Project I had the opportunity to learn about Traveller culture as well as complete projects that would help make health services more accessible to the Traveller community. 

Study abroad highlight:  My abroad experience has been absolutely extraordinary! I encourage each student should take the time to travel extensively within the country they are studying. During my time in Ireland my friends and I went on tons of day trips to towns surrounding Dublin and also explored all of the other beautiful places the country has to offer. Becoming familiar with Ireland caused me to appreciate my time there even more and made it truly feel like home.

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