Carolyn Davidson

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University of Colorado, Boulder
Carolyn Davidson

Majors: Art History, Journalism News-Editorial

Favorite class abroad: Modern Art In London: From Sublime to Ridiculous, taught by Gregg Saltair

This class was helped us to understand the development of art in London in the last century in context of the city. With multiple field trips, our class was able to see the art we discussed in person, as well as see some of the most famous museums in London, and the world. This really helped to create a visual world of London’s culture. 

Study abroad highlight: The highlight of my time with CAPA was seeing such a vibrant, multi-dimensional city with new, amazing friends. I came to London not knowing a single person in the program, and I bonded immediately with those in my apartment complex. We made it our mission to explore every aspect of London: from the historical ‘tourist’ spots, to the food, the museums, the food, and different neighborhoods… I made it my mission to see as much of London as possible. London is an incredibly diverse city and the most fascinating thing about it to me is the personality of each distinct neighborhood. Some things are obvious sites-to-see (Big Ben, the Eye, Buckingham Palace…) but there are so many lesser known spots that are there just waiting to be discovered, and that’s what made London such an amazing experience for me. Everyday was an adventure in a city that very quickly felt like home. 

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