Carly Wickham

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Emerson College
Carly Wickham

Major: Journalism

Favoite class abroad: History of Witchcraft and Magical Performance with Michael Punter

Although it originally sounded like a silly, fun class to take while I was abroad, this class was amazing and went so much deeper than I ever thought possible. In it, I was able to learn about psychology, analysis, history, AND witchcraft! We took amazing field studies like to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and to see the Woman in Black! This was a class I never would have been able to take at my home university, and it was one of the best classes of my entire college career!

Study abroad highlights: There is nothing that pushes you further than being somewhere you've never been before having to live, study, and make it work. I'd also say that studying in a global city allows you to make so many different connections, whether you're in an internship or not. Networking is amazing here, and you never know who you'll meet and how they'll be able to help you later in your career. It's also amazing to travel in a global city. Studying in London allowed me to visit 8 different countries over the weekend easily and accessibly, and I'd never be able to do that otherwise. 

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