Bailey Gaul

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University of Florida
Bailey Gaul

Major: Advertising

Internship abroad: Rothco Advertising Agency

I had an amazing internship experience in the heart of Dublin's business district. My internship at Rothco has been critical for my resume and it has paid off; I was offered a highly sought after and paid internship becuase of my international experience in Dublin.

Study abroad highlights:  The overall highlights during my trip can be categorized as: people, places, and perspective. The people you will meet will become life long friends. This is not limited to other CAPA students. For example, talk to my friends from Dublin on a weekly basis, and I will forever be changed by our memories and travels together. Besides people, the places and experiences will mark you. I was able to travel on the weekends, and I went to 14 cities and 5 countires while in Dublin. As an ambassador, I can share my travel tips, must-see places, and the best advice to get to know your resident country. My worldview was overhauled during my time in Dublin. Some of my priorties changed, my American views slightly shifted, and my understanding for cultural competence was awakened. A change in perspective is not something you predict as a student abroad; however, it is someting that will happen gradually with lasting impact on your beliefs and worldview.

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