Audra Jones

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Texas State University
Audra Jones

Major: Interior Design

Favorite classes abroad: Art History & Drawing

A typical day in Florence consisted of attending on-site art history courses, where we went to a specific building or museum and discussed the context surrounding the site and the importance that it held on the Italian Renaissance. We also studied sculpture and architecture through drawing, keeping a sketchbook where we explored the elements and principles of design. Through my experience studying abroad, I not only learned the course work that I intended to study, but I also learned countless small things: exchanging currency, budgeting affectively, and adapting to a new culture. 

Study abroad highlight: One of my favorite memories is the night that me and my five roommates took a pasta-making class with a jolly Italian man named Filipo. His passion for Italy and food absolutely radiated from the stories and lessons that he shared with us while we ground our own pesto and made pasta from scratch. Then the twelve people in the class all sat around a big table and shared the meal of our homemade pasta. There were countless perfect moments like this one throughout my time in Italy. Not only have I made memories to last a lifetime, but I have also gained skills and experience that will benefit me now and in the future. I went abroad not knowing anyone and, therefore, became increasingly good at meeting new people and befriending strangers. I also greatly improved my ability to adapt to other cultures, problem solve in difficult situations, and stretch my ways of thinking. These are just a couple of the highlights from my wonderful experience in Italy. 

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