Ashley Whittington

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D'Youville College
Ashley Whittington

Majors: Biology B.S./Pre-Chiropractic

Internship abroad: Five Dock Physiotherapy

My internship included me working with patients, meeting people from all different ethnic backgrounds and growing my knowledge in the medical field for my current degree of Chiropractic. I would not change this for the world because I have grown so much myself into a person who is so culturally diverse person as well as learning new techniques about physiotherapy and massage therapy to take home to D’Youville College and use in my future degree.

Study abroad highlights: Study abroad is an amazing experience. You will never be able to meet the people you meet on this type of trip, the friends you make and the life changing aspects that happens within yourself without going on this trip. You will see the most beautiful places that will absolutely take your breath away. I could not have asked for a better trip, better friends, better internship or even better CAPA staff. Everything and everyone has been absolutely incredible and made this trip so enjoyable!

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