Annie Lambesis

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University of Missouri
Annie Lambesis

Major: Journalism - Strategic Communication

Internship abroad: Latimer Group

My favorite part of my semester at CAPA was, without a doubt, my internship. I was a digital media intern at Latimer Group, a co-creation agency. From analyzing insight workshops to writing blogs to managing social media, I was always busy. I worked really closely with project managers and learned the ins and outs of managing an account. Hopping on the northern line three days a week and walking through the busy borough of Southwark and up to the Latimer loft (then making myself a piping hot cup of tea) is something I’ll always miss.

Study abroad highlight: The primary highlight I would share with prospective CAPA students is the aspect of “real-life knowledge” you’ll experience while abroad. That’s the biggest thing I acquired in London. For example, I learned how to travel efficiently. I learned what it’s like to work a regular 9-5 office job. I learned the customs and cultural norms of a city by immersing myself in it. I discovered a new corner of London each week with my professor, learning the historical, political and social significance of each place. Lessons like those can’t really be taught in a classroom at Mizzou.

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